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Sensors Can't Track Headset

Level 2

I took about a year long break from gaming in general, VR worked just fine last year when I started using it, I just built a new PC updated everything, downloaded every software, I have a 6800xt ryzen 7 5800x and 32gb of ram, everything should be VR ready, but no matter what port I plug the vr into it never works, I have factory reset my PC a thousand times, I have went through my entire device manager updating drivers, I have uninstalled and reinstalled my control bus drivers for oculus, uninstalled and re installed the app, and literally everything you can think of. Nothing works. Please help me, thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings, thanks for bringing this to the community! We understand how inconveniencing this is to you. What you're experiencing could be caused by multiple reasons. 


Let's see what we can do about this so that you can get to gaming! Let's try the following troubleshooting steps if they are applicable to you and if they are not please submit a support ticket here and kindly include all of the troubleshooting steps you have taken. 


Troubleshooting steps:

  • If you're using an Antivirus software on your PC try checking for settings of the Antivirus software for options to whitelist or add Oculus as a trusted program.
  • Try another compatible PC 
  • If you have one use the official Oculus Link cable instead of a 3rd party cable 
  • Make sure there are not an excessive amount of non-Oculus USB devices connected to the PC while trying to connect your headset