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Software wont download

Level 2

Anytime I got to download the Rift S software it will download up until 1.97 GB/5.12 GB and it doesn't hit the 2 Bytes till it hits the 1.97 GB/5.12 GB. Does anyone have this problem or know a solution to this problem cause I've contacted support and it seems like they've given up on me (this was about 2 weeks ago now). Haven't been able to play it in a month and got it a month and a half ago. Please help.Oculus Setup 3_31_2021 6_27_06 PM.png


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello @yrevA I was able to locate your previous ticket and it looks like we were waiting to hear back from you and the system automatically closed it due to inactivity. If you did reply, it does not look like we received it (this may be due to a system error). Please ether chat (bottom right) or open another ticket (top right) here and we will be happy to assist you further. Thanks! - Clint

Level 5

when install is blocked, just disconnect from internet,keep installer running.

Go in explorer,found drive were your are installing oculus( if you dont change anithing, drive is c:)

In there found folder called "oculutemp" and rename it( like "ooculustemp")

If rename give you a error,just make a copy of that folder.

Quit installer and reboot.

Connect again to internet and restart installation. when download start, disconnect internet, go to explorer again, and copy content from renamed folder to new "oculustemp" created by installer.

reconnect internet.

That solved my problem for stuck in download,i hope solve your.