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Steam VR Headset Screen Problem

Level 2

Recently received my Rift S as a gift from family and everything was working fine for a while. But now every time I try and play games on Steam VR it loads for a few seconds and then the display turns off inside the headset but continues to work on my computer monitor. When booting up Steam VR it seems to shut off the display inside the headset. All other VR experiences work 100% fine, only once I boot Steam or games that pull up steam does it black out until I close out of everything and re launch the oculus program alone. PC Benchmark test results below. Thank you in advance for any assistance. 


Benchmark 1
Average FPS | 60.31
0.1% Low | 47.58
0.3% Low | 47.06

VR Headset | Oculus - Oculus Rift S
Rendering Resolution | 1648 x 1776
Refresh Rate | 79.999001 hz
Rendered PPD | 18.31 | 18.89
GPU | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
GPU Memory | 11048 MB
GPU Driver | 460.79
CPU | Intel Core i9-9900K
Cores | Threads | 8 | 16
RAM | 64 GB
Windows | 10.0.18363.1.768.64bit
SteamVR | 1.16.10 (2021-3-15)