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Still cant get past sensor check and Oculus still won't help.

Level 2
Got My Rift S on 10/21/2020 had no problem setting it up and had a blast playing in VR. After a week my Rift S stopped working and got stuck on not being able to detect sensors. That day I contacted customer support and we went through a few steps to see if we could get it fixed. After trying all of their fixes along with ones I found on Oculus forums, Reddit, Youtube, etc still cant get past the sensor detect. I even went out and bought a new Graphics Card made for VR and an external 3.0 USB hub just to make sure it wasn't my equipment and I'm still stuck on cant detect sensors. The last ticket reply from support was that they'd get back to me in 3 days. It's now been well over a week and still no response. Does Oculus really not care about their customers or are they just trying to avoid that fact that they should replace their faulty equipment?