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Stuttering Display

Level 2
I am having problems with my Rift S headset. Whenever use it the video is all stuttery and jittery when I move me head around. If i am not moving my head at all everything is fine.  it happens with Beat Saber, Oculus Home and all other games.

My current setup:

ROG Strix 2080 Ti OC ED
Intel i7 8700k
32 Gb DDR4 3200
All graphic drivers are up to date.

I have RMAed my headset already and the new one is doing the exact same problem. I installed the oculus software on my wife computer and it works just fine, was able to play Phasmaphobia and log into Oculus home without any stuttering or jittering. It seems like its my computer doing it. I have also used 2 different display ports on my computer and both inputs do the same thing.