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The Rift S situation

Level 2
Hey, so im about to buy the Rift s and was wondering, since the product is being discontinued, I understand that there wont be any more made and that there will no longer be updates for it. However, my big question is replacement parts, like if one of my controllers over time break and I need a new one, how would that work? Also, what about the cable that connects to the pc, what if that stops working over time, will I be able to buy a new one?

Level 16
The only thing sure in life is that one day it will end. 

You have at least 1 year of warranty, don't worry be happy 😉 

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Level 7
Hey, so im about to buy the Rift s 

There's your first mistake.... DON'T  This coming from a CV1 owner who is stuck with a discontinued headset and no longer have spare parts... anywhere. but before they all go, peoples will try to sell their parts to you at double triple the price. 
You know they will discontinue it, don't buy it,  even better don't buy something from a Co. that doesn't care about millions of customers telling them to go to h*** and buy a new headset when they need support
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