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The golf club vr . New update has killed the swing tracking

Level 3
once I updated on Friday the only game I play now does not work as the tracking is not correct . Any swing above 80 mph just misses the ball and the club when swung is off set .

total nightmare 

Level 2
I second this.  Anything over 80 mph I cant hit the ball.  Driver only 200 yards...makes the game very difficult to play.

Level 2

Golf Club VR for Oculus Rift — At Death’s Door. Shameful Disregard of Longtime Users.

As perfectly put by Pinkfloyd93, “...oculus have updated [25.07.19] the tracking to suit the rift s and killed the game for the rift user . you now cant swing above 80mph and if you do you by pass the ball . [you can’t] swing above 80mph[;] this has ruined the game.

Oculus — get your act together. Although you’re legally insulated from such missteps, this shouldn’t relieve you of your responsibility to address effectively concerns of your users. Rift’s apparent wholesale disregard of this problem is antithetical to a reputable game platform, which you profess to be. You’ve abandoned your customers. According to all user posts (The Golf Club VR > General Discussions > Topic Details), Oculus has been fully appraised of this major bungle for at least six months. Oculus — be responsible; do something! Unless of course, you’re going broke; in which case your blind-eyed approach is completely understandable.

—Rick Rosa

Level 2
how do i install on oculus rift ?