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Touch controllers for original Rift?

Level 2
Sorry if this has been asked, but I can't get a straight answer. I own the original Oculus Rift (not the S) and I am wondering if I can buy the Oculus Touch controllers? Oddly, when I search for regular Oculus Rift accessories, it only shows the LEFT controller and it says "Compatible with Oculus Rift." No Right controller? Under Rift S accessories, I can see both left and right, but the right says "Requires Oculus Rift S"!

So, apologize for my confusion but:
1. Can I add Oculus Touch to my regular Oculus (pre-S)
2. Are there versions of the "Oculus Touch" different for Rift and Rift S? That is, if I buy the one one the Rift S accessories page, is it not compatible with my regular Rift?
3. Why does the Right-hand controller not exist on the regular Oculus accessories page?

Thank you!

Level 2
I found on ebay only. Search ebay US and ebay UK, if there are any left.

Level 2
ebay co uk/itm/283859662806?ul_noapp=true

Level 11
I'm amazed at this - just a couple of weeks ago I was able to order new Touch v1 from Oculus, but I cancelled.

In my case it was the left one that was broken internally after I botched fixing the sticky trigger - fixed the trigger but lost translational tracking. I might yet be able to fix it but I wanted to be sure I had a working one.

I decided to try ebay instead and ended up buying one in as new condition for £40 - there were plenty of individual controllers on there then (in the UK).
I was really pleased that Oculus were still selling them - I much prefer them over Touch v2 - so it's a real shame if they've stopped. And somewhat baffling as they insisted S was not an upgrade for CV1 owners. I love my Index and am happy with Quest, but I still use CV1 regularly and hope to do so for a long time yet. It's the most comfortable for longer sessions and the best audio, too, imho.

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