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Update killed my Minecraft

Level 2

So I just got the Oculus S for my birthday. I am a late comer I know, I suspect it was on sale. Regardless, I hooked it up and began enjoying Minecraft right away. The best part? unlike the oculus rift, Minecraft no longer made me sick when I played! Hooray!. So when the oculus program suggested an update, naturally i trusted it....and now, I can no longer play Minecraft with my oculus S. I get into the VR room, look at my library and there is Minecraft. I clicky the buttons to go in and....nothing...just nothing. And you know how when you see how long ago you played? it says, a few seconds ago. Now I got my Minecraft for windows, not off of oculus. My other programs work fine, so its not a hardware issue. And that update immediately killed my program. I have to wonder if it was done on purpose in order to promote the new version. If so, it looks like it's class action lawsuit time, because that is verrrry illegal. But for now, I am going to assume that it was just a blip in the update and it can be fixed.. So I am curious if anyone else has this issue, annnd what is the fix? I have a map I have been working on for 7 years that I plan to take to market place, which means no deleting Minecraft. After I inquired Oculus prompted me for an update and a new version of Minecraft  appeared. Called minecraft UW ..something...It was separate from my windows version. Taking the advice of Nicole on my ticket #3426259 I deleted the new mine craft...and now it's gone! And despite the fact she said I could reinstall it, I can't find where to do that! This has been a really bad start to my Bday and if you try and tell me to get the newest one, no...I won't reward bad business practices. Instead I will sing my woes in video reviews with a million or so followers to talk about what appears to be a rampant epidemic with the oculus S. Please advise, I just want to get back to doing business.