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VR videos

Level 2

Apologies for this as it is probably the most popular question asked.


Seeing You tube and Facebook videos of MSFS with the Rift s, They are clear, and appear as if they are taken outside of the headset view, from the screen, but apparently they are not.

I have tried all the setting mentioned in various posts and Youtube, and I'm stuck with a dull view, and no real clarity, particularly in the distance. I can only recognise airfields when really close, and instruments are unreadable.

Things I have tried, Tray tool, 1.3, Nvidia settings, Windows game settings, Oculus is beta, and of course rendering and other settings within MSFS.

So what I have I missed to get videos like this   Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR is Mind Blowing...but | Oculus Rift S - YouTube

Advice appreciated