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Very bad controller tracking in shooter games

Level 2
When the controllers are close to the headset i lose the tracking of the controllers, even if  the controller is clearly in front of a camera. This happens especially when playing a shooter game where i have to hold a weapon and look through the sight. The issue is so bad that i think i will return the device, i just cant play games like Onward anymore, because i just can't aim anymore 😞

Level 11
Hi there mate, this is a known issue, please can you post in this thread:

Then we can keep the discussion in one place and stops duplicate threads, thanks.

And yes, I totally agree with you, the tracking is terrible for Onward/Pavlov/Contractors and Archery games too.
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Level 4
why people bought before to watch info about this know issue ? 
no sens.before to buy and hype we need to see some test by user on youtube to see what is wrong and good !