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Video only works while looking down

So, I just got my Rift S for Christmas, and it has been working perfectly. Up until now. Now, I can only get the video in the headset to work if I'm looking down, and then the video shuts off after I go above 80 or so degrees with the headset. I have tried emailing oculus support. but they just keep sending the same thing: "Unplug it, then, plug it back in". I have tried that, many times now, and it has done me no good. Can anybody help?


Level 2

Hi GalacticLemon_Aj, 

I am also having issues with my Quest and was feeling frustrated with the lack of getting some help from Oculus until yesterday when I read to press the chat button in the bottom corner when you open your support ticket. You actually can chat with a real person who is there to help. Way better than emails back and forth where you don’t feel heard. Wish I had a solution for you because I know how frustrating it is. It is a lot of money to be out for something that you love and is not working properly.