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Virtual desktop in 3d

Level 2
Hello guys. I recently just bought the virtual desktop for oculus rift. However I can't figure out how to do what I want. What I am trying to do is okay Diablo 3 in 3d. I am not sure how to do this when I launch the game normally I can't enable 3d. There are 3d videos of the game on YouTube and when I try to watch them I still see dual lens. I don't know how to properly view it. 

Can someone help me out please 🙂 I have a decent computer. Alienware with 1070 video card.


Level 9
F6 for full SBS mode and F7 for half SBS are the hotkeys to enable 3D in Virtual Desktop. You should be able to view the Youtube videos then. As far as playing Diablo 3 in 3D. Not sure how that's going to work for you. I'm using a very old NV card and 3D driver that predates their 3D Vision for my old VR gear. Nvidia's default 3D output is field sequential. If you can find an output method and change it to SBS it may be as simple as that. If you come across the option to only choose Anaglyph (red and blue glasses). That would mean the driver detects no supported 3D device and has you locked out. 
 There may be another way. I see a game profile for Diablo 3 in Vorpx I don't have Diablo 3 to test it but it may be set up nicely for VR with Vorpx 
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Level 2
I'll look into vorpx. As far as YouTube videos. Anyone's I've seen have been so blurry it's unwatchable. They take a while to download so they must be high res ?

I also downloaded a 3d movie. Jurrasic park. It was about 22g. It's much more clear. But watching it in 3d spear everything is like overwhelmingly close. Is that the intention ?