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Voice meeter banana not working with rift audio?

Level 2
I have visited multiple forums and discussions about this topic but none of the supposed fixes work for me. I am talking about not being able to use the speakers in the head set with voice meeter banana. I have my setting on oculus set to 
Settings, Devices, Rift, Audio Output in VR, Windows Default 
Audio Input in VR, Rift Microphone 
My voice meeter setting are
Hardware Input 1 Blue yeti
Hardware Input 2 Cable output (VB-Audio Virtual cable)
Hardware Input 3 Rift Microphone 
Hardware Output 1 Main headset
Hardware Output 2 Rift headphones

I have my windows settings set to 
Voice meeter input (VB-Audio voice meeter Vaio) to the default speaker 
Voice meeter Aux input (VB-Audio voice meeter Aux Vaio) set to the default comunications 
Voice meeter output (VB-audio Voicemeeter Vaio) set to the default and 
Voice meeter Aux output ( VB-audio Voice meeter Aux vaio) set to the default comunications 

Any ideas on whats happening?