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What do you do when you're finished?

Level 5
As this is my first time with a VR headset, I was wondering what you all do with yours when you're not using them. Do you:

* Leave it plugged in but put it somewhere safe;
* As above but turn off the Oculus service;
* Just unplug the USB;
* Completely unplug each time or
* Something else

I ask as I see the blue light on the outside and the white light on the inside stats on when I unplug, even with the Oculus program switched off. So i was wondering which is safest so as to not burn out the innards unnecessarily.

Thanks for your help and expertise.


Level 4
Take off HMD, sleep PC...put it on top of PC...walk away

Level 4
But I have a dedicated VR doesn't even have a keyboard or

Level 15
I just take mine off, close Oculus Home, and put it away in it's original box here beside my desk - leave it all plugged in.
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