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When I Put On My Oculus Rift Headset, A Browser Window/Tab Opens and Asks Me to Sign into Facebook

Level 2

Has anybody else noticed this? I just noticed this change about a week ago. Now whenever I put my Oculus RIft headset on, a browser window opens (or, if my browser is already open on-screen, a new tab opens) and it asks me to sign in to Facebook. (I just bought an Oculus Quest, too, perhaps that's what triggered this recent change?)

I left Facebook and Instagram as my New Years Resolution this year, to protest what I saw as numerous user data privacy abuses by the company, as reported by the New York Times and other news media, and I asked Facebook to delete all my user data before I quit (whether they actually did that or not is another question; I have no doubt they have a "ghost account" on me based on other people tagging me in photos in Facebook, etc.).

So, I no longer have a Facebook account, nor do I plan to get one again. I just ignore the prompt and close the browser window. But it still bothers me that Facebook wants me to link my Oculus account to a Facebook account.


Level 2
My question is: how do I turn this prompt off?