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Where are the limitations?

Level 2
Hi Folks

I would love to play games in VR, but I have a hard time to decide which google to buy. The Rift, the Rift S oder the Quest?

I guess I would use the goggle for 80%+ to play SteamVR. Therefore the Quest might not be the optimal choice. But the benefit of wireless gaming is there...
The Rift S and the Rift seem almost the same.. even if the display is a bit different - as well as the price. 

So here is the dilemma: I can't really figure out which way to go because all 3 google seem so similar to me. So there has to be something obvious I miss. So my questions are: 
  1. Is it any problem to use the Quest with Steam Games? Can we expect this to be supported in the future - will the games and controls not be optimized? What is the benefit of using a Rift instead of a Quest for Steam Games?
  2. What does the Rift S so much better than the Rift to justify the much higher price?
Anything else I should know?

Thanks a lot!

Level 13
I'm pretty sure the intention is to keep Quest exclusive to oculus, but hacks to the device will probably let you side load software, someone else will follow up with more detail I'm sure.

Rift S is just the latest PCVR headset released by facebook, Rift S replaces Rift CV1.  It is the same price point as the CV1 before it was replaced.  The CV1 and Touch controllers were originally around $800 at launch.  The price of Oculus PCVR has dropped significantly since Rift first came out.  If you are comparing Rift S to Rift CV1 and finding a much higher price point for Rift S, you are comparing New Rift S to Used Rift CV1 headsets because One replaces the other at the same retail price point.