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Where can I buy a replacement Rift S Cable - Display Port to USB and Display port

Level 3

I can not believe Facebook have totally stopped producing spare parts for the Rift S, namely the cable. This has to be against the law, as commercial products have a minimum amount of reasonable repair time, where spare parts must be provided. Is this yet another law these tech companies now break, and nothing happens ?


I contacted support they told me they dont do the cable anymore, and as I am out of warranty, its not their problem.


They then told me I could buy a spare cable from Amazon, Best buy etc. None of these companies do the Rift S cable, although a few moronic companies are selling the cables labelled as "Rift S" - how can they be Rift S with a USB C connection on the end ? The Rift S has a display port connection on the headset. What they are really selling is a way to play Rift S games on your PC with a Quest 2 headset - hence the USB C connection. 


So there will now be around 1 million people soon with eventually broken cables, as this seems to be the weakest link - literally not figuratively oh the irony - all of whom Facebook, who love our planet so much, will want us to dump into landfill and then go and burn more of the earth resources to buy a brand new Quest 2. This is so irresponsible with the Earth heading one way into a complete climate disaster.


If you are buying any Facebook product be aware, they will not provide any spare parts or right to repair, so you are buying something that is only guaranteed to work for the warranty - 1 year. And no, our governments with all the tax money we waste on legal departments will not go after these Tech giants, as they are scared of the 100s of lawyers they have working for them, otherwise they'd all be paying tax, tax that goes into our hospitals, and tax that would be used to pay our nurses a decent wage, yes those nurses who got us through Covid, the ones we all care so much about, including Facebook - right ?