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Which way do you like?

Level 3
Two ways to use KIWIdesign Knuckle straps.Do you have other ways?
What suggestions do you have for this knuckle straps?

Level 12
I'm not worried about my knuckles falling off while I'm playing but I'd be worried about the controller flying out of my hand.
Therefore, I would strap that thing around my wrist.
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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 9
I've watched videos of people strapping them on their hands, and the first controller might be ok, but strapping that second controller, with the first controller in the way of your fingers, makes the thing harder than it should be. The wrist strap is all you need. No reason to try and emulate the Knuckles controllers...they're just trying to emulate the Touch controllers.