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White Static Flashes in Rift S

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Hello all,

Wanted to post this in the forums to see of anyone else is having a similar issue, in hopes that I'm not the only one or perhaps someone has already contacted Oculus to see if it's a software issue or not.

I'm having intermittent white (kind of like static) flashes every now and then. They're completely at random and happen in Oculus home and all the VR games I've tried with it (Marvel Powers United, Onward, Blade and Sorcery, Beat Saber)

Any info (other than "I'm not having any issues at all") is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Volunteer Moderator
ok thanks Snow, it seems to be improving but not cured

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I've just updated to the newest version of PTC - I'll pop my thoughts in later if it has made any difference, particularly to the odd flashes.
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no the snow problem isn't gone with the latest beta also all drivers are updated on my pc and I still get the snow static every 20 minutes or so.

Level 5
Same here, still got white flashes and colored ones too. Intermittent.

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RG4520 said:

Obligatory "still getting white flashes on latest update" post. Just fyi. 

Also, @MowTin, yes for me it's a mix of white and colored static. I suppose it's more jarring in dark scenes, but unmissable for me anytime it happens.

I had the white from the start but its suddenly coloured static every time now after applying the Windows 10 May update.  I find it somewhat more annoying than the white was, although not a deal breaker compared to the many issues other people are having.

I did have the cameras lockup once after the update but a reboot seems to have sorted that.

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I'm getting a little tired of unplugging and rebooting. 

What if they never fix this and we're past our refund period?
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Thing is... even tho there are clearly issues on oculus software/firmware, it is still good to turn every stone while trying to figure out why is it that someone elses computer runs it well and mine does not. One of the basic procedures obviously includes updating windows and graphic card drivers, but it should also include visiting motherboard or computer manufacturers site and checking the available driver and firmware updates there. If the problem lays there - no universal code on oculus software can fix the issue.

And this was not directed to anyone specific - just saying... Manufacturers publish those updates for reason.

Level 5
Guys I have tried everything listed on the support site and everything I could think of with no luck. I even tried Oculus Homeless, removing overclock and going back to default, and making sure BIOS and drivers are all up-to-date. I am still getting the same static flashes (2-3 per hour) as day 1 with no change whatsoever. I just submitted a ticket in case support will want me to try a new cable. My return window from Amazon ends 6/22 and I'm getting worried here. No one seems to know if this is a software or hardware issue. 

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Well after I found a way to get rid of the flashes - leaning strongly to the software issue side.

...and event if it isn't - should be covered by warranty.

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As I've said before, really glad you were able to solve your flashing issue. Having said that:

Checking your motherboard and chip-set manufacturer's website for updates is PC owner 101 super basic stuff. Stop talking about it like you've discovered the secret formula to Coca Cola.