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White Static Flashes in Rift S

Level 2
Hello all,

Wanted to post this in the forums to see of anyone else is having a similar issue, in hopes that I'm not the only one or perhaps someone has already contacted Oculus to see if it's a software issue or not.

I'm having intermittent white (kind of like static) flashes every now and then. They're completely at random and happen in Oculus home and all the VR games I've tried with it (Marvel Powers United, Onward, Blade and Sorcery, Beat Saber)

Any info (other than "I'm not having any issues at all") is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Level 6
According to user's who made the cable swap it didn't solve white screen flashes but have them sent you another cable. I think this is firmware issue. It a wide spread problem so it will be solved in time.

Level 7
...and my white flashes are back with windows 1903... so back to square one.

Level 3
1.38, white, intermittent flashes. Nothing new. 

I might add Audio is CRAP. As in, totally so. VERY low volume, barely discernible, even at supposedly 100%. The promised improvement of audio did ZERO for me. As in ZILCH. Now I know my hearing isn't all that great (47 years old AND teaching elementary kids -- need I go on? 😉 ), but this is ridiculous. I have connected in-ears, but the Rift S's audio jack is, apparently, of such high quality that this, too, is less than satisfactory, producing crackling/static one in a while. I think I'm going back to my former audio solution. Can't really be worse than that. 

The original Rift did a MUCH better job than this. I wonder if cutting corners like that really was necessary -- or wise. (Before anybody asks, I got the Rift S as a gift . . . yes, I know gift horse dentistry is not the done thing, even so...)

Level 16
I got a set of Klipsch R6 II earbuds to run through the audio jack of the Rift S, and the audio is fantastic for me.

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Level 6
I think the audio is the best of both worlds. I have 20% hearing in my left ear with the Rift S I can use my over the ear hearing aid. If the audio is not good quality from the head band just plug a set of headphones or earbuds in.

Level 3
1.38.1 is downloading anyone tried it yet?

Level 2

1.38.1 is downloading anyone tried it yet?

Just tried 1.38.1. I'm sorry to say that, but the white static flashes still appears for me.

Level 2
Hi everyone .
I am in the same situation as you. Sold my cv1 and bought rift s to get rid of room scale stations.
oculus sent me a replacement cable but still flashes.

Maybe we can add some more informations to see anything that can be similar on our configuration.
 For me : 
Intel i7 3770
RAM 10gb
Crappy Chinese 128gb SSD and 2tb hard drive
Nvidia 1070ti inno 3d 8gb
Power supply corsair VS650

WINDOWS 10 1903

Flashes only occurs in the headset nothing appears on mirror screen

For what I can see I suppose it's the camera system . When it's lost we have a flash like when you step out the guardian system like the real camera wants to step in but it flashes and come back to game .

I can't see anything else except if someone has an AMD graphic card and can confirm he has flashes . It could be an issue with Nvidia and the headset screens .

Level 5
They are sending me a replacement cable as well, but I'm certain it won't fix the static flashes. I get 2-3 static flashes per hour and it's my only issue. People have replaced their Rift S multiple times and they are still getting the same static flashes even with different PCs. It's definitely a very unusual bug that must be difficult to debug. Hopefully they are making some progress.

Level 6
The 1.38.1 update has reduced the white static flashes on my Rift S.