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White Static Flashes in Rift S

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Hello all,

Wanted to post this in the forums to see of anyone else is having a similar issue, in hopes that I'm not the only one or perhaps someone has already contacted Oculus to see if it's a software issue or not.

I'm having intermittent white (kind of like static) flashes every now and then. They're completely at random and happen in Oculus home and all the VR games I've tried with it (Marvel Powers United, Onward, Blade and Sorcery, Beat Saber)

Any info (other than "I'm not having any issues at all") is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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@DaftnDirect - The Rift S is a great headset, if only Oculus could solve the problems they are having. When I first put on the Rift S I was really pleased, but then the tracking in FPS really disappointed me. That's when I sent it back and thought I would wait and see what happens. I then saw the tracking problem was fixed, but in the meantime I also saw people were experiencing other problems with things like this static flash and controller lag.
I'm not someone who is bothered by an increase in Fov, because I know that comes at a cost to overall clarity. I wouldn't buy a Valve index knowing it has glare or Godrays, which I don't particularly like in CV1. I hope Oculus can sort this out soon because they are the only ones who seem to be really trying to push VR forwards. They are the ones funding decent VR games that we see and I would hate to see this all come crashing down due to a few problems they are having atm. People are very quick to forget the good a company has done in the past when problems like this arise and I'm guilty of doing that myself sometimes.
I just hope this next month brings fixes that people are waiting for and we can all move on and enjoy VR again.

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The problem I have is that godrays and that noticeable (for me) jump in clarity are my thing

Yeah, that's much my thing too.

But at the same time, since the flashes started happening, I have been bouncing back and forth between CV1 and Rift S, and now I'm finding the CV1 god rays to be less of an issue for me.

In any case, in a few days I'll be in a position to order Valve Index. If flashes are still present on day 30, I'll just return Rift S and use CV1 till my Valve Index ships. The decision to buy a majority of my games through steam rather than Oculus' store is starting to look like a really good move

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Yes Oculus is very good for pushing VR forward with great games this why I don't want to jump ship I want to support them and I'm pleased with Rift-S except for the static flashes.

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@Comrade_Ivan - I was all for getting the Valve index, but glare for £920 - No thanks. I'm seeing what the HTC Cosmos has to offer and at what price. I also want to see what happens with Rift S. Also, foveated rendering can't be to far away with the pace that VR is moving at and spending £920 is not something I'm looking at doing right now.
I'm waiting to see what Oculus has to say in Sept before making any decision on my next VR headset.

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If they just fixed the sodding static flashes then the rift S would be a decent headset for the money. Get on with It people! FFS. 

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I figured it out its a feature, hence the name rift s is short for Rift Static!

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MAC_MAN86 said:

That new Driver 430.86 is not the fix. All you may try is running the 3 Oculus exe in Tasks as High OR Realtime (latter may cause other affects). We once needed to run OVRService as just 1 Core or more or something similar.

dont ever set anything to realtime. ever. it gives it priority over EVERYTHING. including OS input. display output. the basic os functions. its a good way to break everything

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Tin-foil hatting I suppose...  Assuming that Oculus know the cause of the flashes (likely) and know a firmware update can get rid of it (they say) then it may just be a case of patching the firmware to get rid of the flash in a way that doesn't introduce a 'new' issue - maybe it is just that which is making the release of a new patch drag on, squash one bug and introduce another 10 is NOT what we want 🙂
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Rift S
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Easiest way to get rid of current flashes is to introduce firmware patch which fixes them and explain to community that the new flashes you are getting now are totally different issue. I bet that would go down smoothly.

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Volunteer Moderator

I always feel confident issues will be fixed just after having a decent coffee.

The same thing happens with my views of the world in general.

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