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Will the Rift S ever get the hand/body tracking features that are coming to Quest? Or retired?

Level 5
Sorry if it's been asked before, but it seems that the Rift S is being left behind, and not sure if that's part of the Facebook overall strategy to have one HMD?
They announced the Oculus GO is no longer being produced and will be retired.

Is the focus on the Quest a clear sign that the Rift S is next on the chopping block?
Objectively, it makes sense to consolidate to one single HMD that can do both standalone (for those without decent PC) and PC for those looking for that better experience that only a high end PC can provide.
But that would be a very short lived product if the Rift S is nixed.

Either way, I would guess this will happen as it would mean larger profits from dramatically reduced design/manufacturing costs.
So enjoy the Rift S while you have it.

Level 16
My "guess" would be all focus on Quest going forward.
The fact is no one knows but Oculus, and I am really not sure they truly know the answer to that yet either.
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Welcome to the Oculus family where daddy doesn't give a rats @ about who started him on it's way to stardom. Regular rift owner here and we can't even get spare cables anymore and we all know those get twisted and yanked all the time. most peoples with rifts will eventually have a working headset but no cables or broken controllers and  a $600 grudge it's also my guess that the next will be Rift S
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