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You must give our money back

Level 4

1 month trying to connect. Nothing happens! Oculus give me and thousand others ridiculus answers blame us and our hardware for his drivers problems. We must to go justice


Level 13

What is your PC setup?




USB 3.1?

Hdd space?


Did you check the compatible hardware chart?


Keep in mind this is a public forum.  Do you have the link cable? Or are you trying airlink, if regular link are you using the oculus brand?


Level 4



Acer predator Helius 300


Windows 10 64bits


Intel Core i7 -11880H processor Octa-core 2.4GHz


Nvidia GeForce 1660TI 8GB


Memoy 32GB


Hard disk SSD 2T


4 ports usb 3.1


Rift S  with the cable in displayport .


All was working by one year. But last update the Oculus dont recognize usb and display port. . 


Thousands have the same problem since windows 11 came or when needs to reinstall Oculus for somenthig. After that i came back to win10 but I can hear the sound in ocululs but light is orange and app dont finish the install. Not recognize display port.

I tray update, revert, almost lost all my files, reinstall windows 10 - clean, bios acer 1.2, chance cable link - ORIGINAl-

Reinstall many versions oculus, drivers nvidia, all tips here and nothing happens.


Its yours software problem. Dont blame my super laptop please its a chame if you try this like othres Oculus supporters.

I think i only start my problem when i had to reinstall Oculus. The problem was there waiting for me. Because its incompatible drivers and have a bad software.


I dont know wht can i do anymore. If the facebook wants the future in Metaverso, are you dont worry about it?



Evandro Daolio

From Brazil