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YouTube - What is the best way to watch YouTube with the Rift S?

Level 4
I'm guessing there has to be some way to watch YT with my Rift S.  Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!  🙂

Level 3
Steam has a Youtube app. You can watch 360 vr videos with it. 

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Level 2
weird though there's a youtube app on the occulus store but it only seems to be for the Occulus Go :S

Level 2
It's stupid really. I love Rift S but only Quest and Go have native Youtube VR app.

Level 2
So...The YouTube app on Steam is no longer a thing, so....How do I get it? I don't want to have to hop into my PSVR JUST for YouTube VR...I'd like to have it on my Rift S....

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I did a vid of how to watch Netflix and Prime video on the rift-S without having dedicated apps available... the same method can be used for YouTube.
Maybe not as convenient as having an app but I think because these methods exist, the companies involved maybe don't see dedicated PCs apps as essential compared to making them for the Quest... anyway you can view any website including YouTube as per the below vid (don't do the roller coaster method :))

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