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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

firmware update

Hi My name is Desmond and I'm being prompted to update the firmware on my Oculus Rift but when I do the process fails each time.It says "unable to complete update".I would greatly appreciate your help with resolving this issue.

Help! Oculus Windows 11 or Headset issue?

Hello all, Please help, I have not been able to use my flight rig for a few months now! My oculus is holding me back all of a sudden. I have been working on my flightsim rig, unsuccessfully, and when I came back to Oculus a week ago to test my headse...

Erreur Matérielle

Bonjour,Mon casque fonctionne et les mannettes aussi, elles sont bien couplées.Mais quand je lance Lone Echo, le jeu démarre et j'ai ce message:ERREUR MATERIELLEUne erreur matérielle non résolue vous empêche d'utiliser la VR. Vérifiez que votre manet...

Rift S headset not tracking in Steam games.

I've had my Rift S for a few weeks. I haven't done much with it expect the built in Oculus stuff like the into package with the robot and navigating around the living room space etc.It all works fine, I can look around, walk around, interact with stu...

oculus is broken

Hello, I have a problem with glasses, Rift S. I have been using them for 1 year, after which problems began to appear, I tried to reconfigure, because of which the left sensor stopped working, there were still problems with the right controller, it i...

I cant find my oculus rift s game

Ok so i went on the oculus game store, the one for the rift, and i went and wanted to buy a game called gorn, then it said i needed to go to their website to buy it, and i did, but then it does not show in either the website library or the app librar...

Lex1235 by Level 2
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Three Dots

Oculus, please fix our devices.My Rift S stop working for about 1 month. I’ve searching around the web, and a find a lot of people with the same problem…”Sensors Can’t Track Headset.. and display three dots and the touchs on the ground”!! Please Plea...

pmneto by Level 2
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when i plug in my headset i get audio but the headset only displays the three loading dots have contacted support and have tried what they said and still nothing need help

Pending hardware issue

This is the message I get in VR, after downloading the latest update to my Rift CV1:Error occured. You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing you from starting a VR app.I have seen several forum posts about this excact error but none of the...

Resolved! USB Error

Hello, could someone pls help me?Today when i turned on my pc and plugged in my headset, i got a message from Windows that something went wrong last time i was using the Headset and now it wont connect anymore. The light in the headset also doesnt li...

Screenshot storage

Please excuse me if this topic has been covered, I searched on "screenshot storage" but the results were no help. I am asking where do I find the screenshots I take on my Quest2 when I am connected to the PC by either my Oculus cable or the Air conne...

Status of the hand tracking for Rift S?

While back there were lot of rumors about Rift S being worked for the hand tracking like Oculus Quest. But what has happened to it? The last Oculus event was silent about Rift S that made people worry about Oculus abandoning Rift S months after relea...

Fri13 by Level 4
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Any suggestions on third party Rift S cables?

Recently, after using my Rift S for not more than a week, my dog already managed to break my cable by stepping on it. Oculus doesn't directly sell the cables anymore and the ones on Ebay are absurdly priced, I am not going to pay 120 Pounds for a cab...

Ant1Q by Level 2
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