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Issues during Oculus Rift S setup.

Hello there. About 2 years ago, I bought my Oculus Rift S. It's all been smooth ever since I got it, never had issues. Today, after not using it for a week or so, I booted it up so my nephew could play a Spider-Man game. But I noticed some problems a...

Rift 1.40 Release Rolling Out Now

DashWe've added a new button to the Dash belt to select and view individual Virtual Desktop panels. We've improved stability and performance of Virtual Desktop. Please make sure your version of Windows 10 is up to date to take advantage of these impr...

Problems with Unreal Engine games with Rift S

Hallo everybody! I've been playing with Oculus Rift since the beginning (DK1), now I've had the latest version, the Rift S, for years.Until about 2-3 months ago everything went wonderfully - I could play Oculus and Steam games. Now some update must h...

jenoe by Level 2
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Pc connection

before meta took over I used to be able to connect to my pc via USB lead and transfer videos over to watch on my oculus 1. Now the ALLOW box does not pop up. I have done everything to sign in to meta. Do they only support oculus 2 now?

Resolved! Oculus rift sensors usb change randomly ?

So for the past maybe 6-12 months iv noticed my vr going weird half way through playing or at random points . Iv now noticed that for some reason my sensors that are both plugged into USB 3.0 will randomly change and say they are now 2.0. I will unpl...

Lost all my games

I have the Rift S and i lost all my games when i uninstall/reinstall Windows 11. I tought they would all have stayed in my account but they are all gone. What can i do?

Resolved! DisplayPort not connecting

So I got a regular laptop is a Hp laptop and I don't know if I need a PC or a gaming laptop because it won't let me use my type c as the DisplayPort on my laptop what can I do to fix my problem because I don't have the money to buy a gaming computer ...

Endless Update Loop

When updating any app, I get this; It'll say "an update is available", so I click on update, it cycles to 100%, says finished. Then I click on start on the app (like big screen beta 2019), and it then says, "an update is available", so I click on upd...

LDBolen by Level 2
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FIXED (Can be delete) Oculus Rift and Unity

Hello everyone, I have an Oculus Rift and Touch (so not Quest) and I'm making a VR game in unity. Therefor, I need to use my headset to obviously test the game. Problem is Unity doesn't seem to recognize the headset in any way. I read online I might ...

Resolved! Best upgrade from Rift CV1?

Hey all, Long story short - my dog ate through my Rift CV1 cable. Yep, that timeless excuse is an actual reality for me now and, sadly, I'm told by Oculus that I cannot purchase a replacement cable, leaving my beloved and perfectly-working headset, t...