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Same issue with refurb unit

keep having the same issue with refurb unit you sent. It work fine and then it goes dark with prompt that Display port is not connected. I switched twice to a different display port and the issue occurs. I see other people are having the same issue. ...

Micro89 by Level 2
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Weird bug on Oculus Rift

I have been using my Rift for a few years. Yesterday I finally upgraded my GPU from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1070. I used DDU to uninstall my old graphics drivers and installed new ones. All's good. I've seen a huge increase in FPS in desktop games, e.g. G...

LateS by Level 2
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I have the Rift S, I am able to connect the usb but for the dispaly port there is not an option on the laptop to connect it. I bought an adapter which i was able to plug the display port to the adapter then plug the adapter in to the laptop and it st...

Rift sensor windows 11

Hi all. Happy new years. I have windows 11. I realize there are issues with Oculus and 11. Please don't say my problem is windows 11 unless you can show confirmation of it. My Oculus Sensors doesn't seem to recognize correctly in device manager. Ther...

robjs76 by Level 2
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Rift CV1 senors - can they die suddenly?

OK, so this kit is not now supported but the games I have played have been great (last was Lone Echo II a couple of moths ago). Just got the kit out again and one of the (2) sensors seems to have died. At first I didn't notice but one hasn't been det...


I have an original RIFT (not RIFT S) with the sensors. I have not used it in over three years and just purchased a new computer.. It is worth setting this up or should I just get a Quest?? I am fine with the cable and don't need wireless

Oculus Rift CV1 Replacement Cable

The cable for my Oculus Rift CV1 is bent and broken, causing the headset to go black frequently. This has happened multiple times, and I have gotten a replacement cable at least twice from Oculus Support. However, they now say that they are no longer...

Caden55 by Level 3
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UHM, i like using vr but i swear after i use the vr idk why but i cant use computer audio. i wonder if i have to unplug the vr or if i just shut it off but i do end up shutting it off and i still cant hear it. i wonder if i have to delete the vr audi...

Resolved! Three Black Dots? Please Read

TL:DR toward the bottomI'm gathering info to work on this. I'm sore to be out 400 and until I get the money for a new vr headset this will be my new game.Here are my suspicions, after digging around the logs personally and comparing with issues found...

Sku77s by Level 4
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oculus home won't download

Hello! I've recently bought a second hand rift.I'm trying to install the software and I've literally spent the last 5 hours trying to get it to install, (mainly as i'm on ADSL wifi so that 5gb takes a long time.) It installs the files and goes to the...

Rift S 'Sensors can't track headset'

Hello everyone. I'm having an issue in my Rift S device set up. I just recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU from a B450/Ryzen 5 2600 to a B550/Ryzen 5600 and my Rift S won't work anymore... I have tried many troubleshooting such as -Reinstalling ...

Rift s mic issue (Solved)

hey guys, regular rift s user here. If you’re like me, who suffered regular mic snaps while using the rift s, it’s your lucky day! I recently came out with a solution for that and it is surprisingly easy. First, you have to download an app called voi...

PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Rift S orange light then crash

Hi,I have been using my oculus rift s on my dad's computer (10600 i5 with a 2070 super) and it has been working fine but when I am using my computer (10600kf 2070 Super) I get an orange light and my headset crashes after a launch any game, then it sa...

facebook account disabled

my facebook account has been disabled since april 2020 i have submitted a tickets with oculus team but i did not get any response from facebook untill yet i need my official account back so its more then 19 months i have waiting . any boday update me...