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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Oculus Rift S Loading 3 dotted screen

Hey, I bought this Rift S Headset about 5 months ago. When I got it it worked perfectly fine, I was able to play games and all. Then I took a break for 5 months and I'm back and my Headset just won't work at all.. It's just stuck at the 3 dots screen...

cumbyte by Level 2
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Oculus 360 photos

For the last two weeks I am unable to connect to Oculus 360 photos. When I try to open the folder, I see a spinning circle with a message 'could not connect to Oculus 360 photos. Try again later'. Any ideas what might cause this issue and is there a ...

Saiyer by Level 2
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Controller drift

so the joystick on my left controller keeps drifting to the right. ive tried to clean it a bit but it didnt work at all. is there anyway i can calibrate it in the settings somewhere?

Issues with RTX 3060 upgrade

I just upgraded from a GTX 1660 Super 6GB to an RTX 3060 12GB.Now I get the 'Your computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specifications, which can lead to poor experience in VR' message.HLA Runs but not as smooth as with the 1660.Anyone have an an...

Oculus rift s crashes

I've have this problem where in the middle of my vr gaming my headset would just cut out display turning black all i hear is static and a usb port gets not recognized had this for a year still cant fix it 

RAN001 by Level 2
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Display port randomly disconnecting

Hey, so I did have this problem where the display port would disconnect itself at random times, I did fixed it once by fully pushing it into the headset port but now it is doing this thing where how some headphones won't work till you put it in a dif...

Rift S and Rift 1.41 PTC Release Notes

HomeWe’ve added an Announcements window that shows when you first open your Home. Here you can find info about new items, reward packs, friend’s homes, and more. When you receive a new item for your home, the blue notification indicator will show unt...

Disable/Sleep Touch Controllers?

I do most of my VR gaming without using the Touch Controllers. I do use them very occasionally, so I'd prefer not to remove them altogether... So... Is it possible to disable their use, or put them to sleep immediately? I'm chewing through batteries ...

diemos by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus Rift S DISPLAY not working

Hi, I have a Oculus rift S and the DisplayPort isnt working at all. Ive tried alot to make it work, but nothing seems to function as intended. Im currently using a:HP Z1 Workstation G5 Minitowerwhich is build for VR games and development. I have trye...

FS2020 dull screen in VR - Rift S

This is a strange on and I cant seem to find any similar problems anywhere. Sometimes when I click the VR button in FS2020 the display in the headset (and on the TV mirror) is greyed out, not black but very dull, almost like the backlight isn't worki...

Can I use USB-C with my Oculus CV1?

I have 4 USB 3 slots on my PC but I keep getting the "Computer doesnt recognize this device" error with my headset. Occasionally everything works fine and I get Green marks on all my devices but it goes back and forth without me making any changes to...

WAVFORM by Level 3
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display port disconnecting

I start up the oculus and the main menu has nothing wrong with it. Then I go into a game, the white light near the lenses go's orange, the screen goes black and a notification pops up saying the display port has lost its connection.