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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Oculus Rift S dont work at all for me!

I just recently got this VR headset and was super excited to play. Besides a few bugs here and there it was working pretty well but as soon as I downloaded Beat Saber holy crap its like I gave myself a curse. The entire headset don't work now, I cant...

Rift Sound/Windows 10

Had my Rift a year now, and ever since getting it, I have to go through a bizarre ritual each time I want to fire it up.Before I wake my headset up, I have to ensure my Windows 10 audio output is set to my headphones, then I manually change it to the...

demeggy by Level 2
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Rift s saved game files?

My pc is running slow taking to long to boot. Want to do a reformat. BUT want to make sure when I install all my oculus games that I don’t lose all my progress(saves) before performing a reformat. Are the game save automatically saved to my login? Wh...

Looking to buy Rift S, Should I?

Hi, atm im looking to buy the rift s, the new version is it 360? Some say rift isnt. And it doesnt say in the write up?Also I have asked on other forums and most people are saying to go with Vive as its much better than rift. The rift pro is out but ...

Left Lens Black Spots

Haven't touched my Rift in a few months due to busy schedules. Went and updated it today and discovered the left side of the headset has many small to large black splotches masking the display plus the portions I can see around the black spots are co...

RadiumW by Level 2
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Rift S controller issue

Hi folksEverything was going swimmingly until, today. Played Gunheart as usual yesterday and all was good.today when i try to jump into VR i see my hands on the floor, they can "spin round "but no other movement.I also note that the boundaries in the...

Oculus Rift Crashes / Freezes Computer

I have been currently getting issues after installing Oculus app back (after a while of not playing with the headset). My oculus keeps crashing, or freezing my computer after I setup the lenses in the Oculus setup. I have tried bypassing the setup ho...

DerJude by Level 2
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Rift s restarting constantly

Once I start up the software, it immediately closes and restarts, to infinity. I have reseated all cables, updated everything I could, restarted the oculus service, and am at the end of my nerve with this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Help my Oculus app wont connect to my USB 3.0

So I got my rift s a little while ago and found a problem with connecting it into my USB slots at the time, so i got the recommended initech USB 3.0 card and tried using that, however the app wouldn't even recognize something was there, I knew it wor...

Internet connectivity during device setup

Hi All, Lately I've been having issues going through the device setup unless I am connected to the internet, even if there is no update pending. Once my sensors were convinced that they were connected to USB2.0 ports, once I got a blue popup upon lau...

rift s battery drain fast

this is stupid they not have add a button to off our controller this is a pain to remove the batterie each time i not understand how a big company like this have create a headset with lack of feature no headphone = stupid ( a headphone with choice po...

Rift-S Review Videos

I thought it may be worthwhile to have a thread where people can share all of their recommended Rift-S Review videos. For better or worse, so feel free to include videos showcasing any problems.Today I saw a new Rift-S review video from Linus. I'm no...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Dash Fatal Error

When i want to setup my guardian in my Rift S i get all the time dash Fatal error press any button to continue.I don´t know how to fix that the 1.39 made it even worse then my oculus software restarts all the time.what can i do to fix that?

Hdmi problem

Hello folks,I have bought an Occulus Rift. I can see PC screen on my Occulus but the HDMI is not detected and i can't run no application.Could you help me please?Thank

Rift and Sensors suddenly are crazy

Hello everyone,,yesterday I played in normal way my Elite Dangerous. But today no chance. Somtimes rift and sometimes the sensors are not correct. I changed the inputs, but still the same problem. Attention> todaz was aMicrosoft Update for Win10 !!! ...

Jinnoy by Level 2
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ASUS Mainboards & USB Problem

Hallo,seit meiner CV1 bin ich total VR - verrückt. Leiderkämpfe ich seit langem mit Problemen die VR uneingeschränkt zu genießen und ichhabe mittlerweile neben dem Service fast alle Portale abgegrast. Keine Hilfe.Vielleicht hat ja irgendwann jemand m...

Rift S Audio Fixed?

So just a quick question i haven't been using my Rift S in a few weeks because of school and work, is the Rift S Audio cut out or crackle fixed. The last time i played it would work fine then freeze up then fix its self but the audio would then disap...

cant make RIFT S working

Bought a laptop ASUS that fills all requirements for a successful operation of Rift S but cant get installed I live out of the US, is there any online help for such a case?

Instant disconnection

Hi, so when I play games like assetto corsa on steam vr everything is working perfectly, but as soon as I launch a game on the oculus software, it crashes almost instantly and then I get a notification saying your headset display port was disconnecte...