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PC Software Build 27.0 Release Notes

Oculus Link Added a fix to reduce judder across multiple applications including Medium and Quill. Improvements to microphone reliability. Improved recovery flow for GeForce driver hangs on Pascal cards. For more information, visit https://support.ocu...

Should I return my Rift S

I've been moderately pleased with my Rift S, but I am wondering if I shouldn't have adopted it so early. Is there any benefit to returning it now while I can and re buying it in a few months when some of the hardware issues are worked out? Basically ...

Is my graphics card compatible?

Hello VR users, im planning on buying a Oculus Rift S here soon, but after running the compatibility test it showed my graphics card as non compatible, but after doing som research on the internet i found that that might not be true, as my graphics c...

Enxiety by Level 3
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Win10 PageFile with Oculus Rift

I found it interesting that in the latest Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) manual (I'm not actually using OTT right now btw) it states the following, regarding Win10 page file considerations;"Page file considerationsI recommend having a page file as this seems...

Rift S USB extension cable

So I bought an USB 3 extension cable to be able extend the range. It detects everything fine in the software only the controlers don't really work. The buttons like home work fine but the tracking is not working. It sees the controlers as 'right in f...

after updating the rift have issues

I was in the middle of installing the new update when the software crashed and had to force restart my pc the software is missing and tried reinstalling the software 6 times each time it hangs at the last bit of the progress bar can anyone help ?

Rift glare like airplane lights

I just noticed weird light in my rift. Reminds me of airplane lights in sky. 3 yellowish round beams of a glaring soft light that continually moves with head gear. Extremely annoying. Any clues?

Bchevy by Level 2
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Extension Cables

This post is to pretty much ask a question: Can any extension cables (i.e. USB and Display Port extension cables) be too long?I bought the Rift S when I came out, but the space in my bedroom is fairly limited. So I bought a 15ft. USB 3.0 extension ca...

Rift S Tracking issues since 1.38

regardless of the number of posts and complain about tracking issue. I had the rift S since launch, and I didn't had any tracking issue at all.But yesterday since the new update my hand tracking was a bit off the head tracking, also some times the He...

Smug on the inside of the lens

When I got my rift s within about an hour I noticed a smug on the inside of the lense. I keep the lense clean but I dont know how to fully take the lens out so I can get the smug from the inside. How do I take the lense out completely so I can?

Yashame by Level 2
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Drop fps since update 1.37

Is anyone having the same problem? I use to play with no problems for weeks. Suddenly next day all the games and even the oculus home ran at 15 fps max. Doesn't seem the GPU since I can play normal games at ultra.

Improvement suggestion for Guardian

I had some problems as I presented my Oculus Rift S to friends or family on their housing with the low ceiling hight and limited options on your Guardian software. I would have the same problem on me, if I try to play in my office. It seems it is a c...

LaYkZz by Level 2
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Stuck on Firmware setup/update

HelloToday my Oculus Rift S came home, and to my suprise i have a troubles.. I already had the software instaled/account just waiting for headset and so i plug it in my pc started the setup.. downloading went fine easy and fast.. but now im here.. fo...

Dethrox by Level 2
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Sudden drop in performance with certain games

I bought Robo Recall recently and it ran flawlessly for the first week. Now the last couple days I'm having constant performance issues with stutters and frame drops. Is it possible the new Windows 10 update is responsible? My Oculus still hasn't upd...

Odori1 by Level 2
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Headphones Snapped.

Quick NoteHey, im pretty new to this forum stuff so i have no idea how to write this properly.Im from Norway, so sorry for my grammar.How it happenedSo first of i will tell you how it snapped, i have a little box where i keep my VR (including sensors...

Newest Firmware Update Causing controller issues

Just updated the Firmware and now my controllers are having issues with the grip buttons.I've installed new batteries and restarted the PC and still having issues.Specifically, I grip an object, then when trying to let go there is a 3-5 second delay....

Sub7th by Level 2
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Oculus Rift S - Blurred distance graphics ?

Hey there !im not a VR - Expert and i didnt found a good answer to this yet...I setup my oculus rift s today and set the ipd to 60mm... its exactly my ipd... i dont wear any glasses, so i simply put it on and adjusted the straps a bit to get clear vi...

genaray by Level 2
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Oculus hom2 crap

I'm sorry to state it like this but what developer was responsible to put home2 anywhere towards a release ? I want to know how to turn it off and never ever get this crap again. Even when put to to no scaling and lowest gfx it still consumes INSANE ...

New Rift S lags after about 2 minutes

I'm new to VR so please be kind  I'm able to get through the guardian setup with no problems. As soon as I get into my Oculus App 'home' things run smoothly for about 1 minute then the lag monster kicks in. Choppy, black areas when I turn my head wh...

CyberKT by Level 3
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New Hardware?

So I'm already sick of the Rift S, frustrated with it's tracking limitations and the baby controllers that chew through batteries and slip out of hands leaving batter covers behind.The Touch S controllers are not CV1 controllers with inverted rings. ...

Can Rift S be used with an iMac?

Hi,After a recent software update, my Rift has become so unreliable that it is more or less unusable (device connection issues, crashes). I was looking into buying a Rift S to replace it in the hope the simpler setup (not needing 3 tracking stations,...