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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

MSI Laptops & black screen after 30 seconds

Hello fellow VR users. I'm trying to figure out an issue with my MSI laptop. The issue is that the oculus rift S turns black after 20-30 seconds while I can still hear sound and interact using the controllers... Just not see anything...What I have tr...

*Does not support your currently active headset

Apparently many games that worked fine with my CV1 have some sort of issue with the Rift S and give this message.To get past it, you just have to hit OK, but often i end up having to get out of the headset to do so and I can't help but feel that some...

Oculus Rift S Dispatch Time

Hi,Are there any members that have had problems with there Orders not shipping ?I purchased my rift s last Wednesday with an order status of dispatches by the May 30.Order status is still the same, with oculus support telling me it's being processed,...

Dakilla by Level 4
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Black Screen With Audio

So I'm having issues with my oculus rift having a black screen when you put the headset on. Audio will play through the headphones if you click a game and if you move the headset around with it on it will register it on the computer monitor but the o...

Dont waste your money on this just yet

Return my Rift S after 2 weeks of black outs and tracking problems Reinstalled my Rift cv1 and software now I can not play any games for the Oculus store the games I have payed for support is not much help just keep telling you to do the same thing o...

controllers issues

I'm having issues with my controllers all of the sudden. They don't seem to respond. I put fresh batteries in. They then appear at my head. I disabled them. Reinstalled them. Nothing. Now they are behind my head. Any ideas?

No Sound When Joining Rooms and First Steps

I got my Rift S yesterday and for the most part works without issue. However, certain elements of rift don't have sound.I have no sound for the "first steps" tutorial and if I join or have a friend join a room on oculus home.I've verified this is a s...

SCUR0 by Level 2
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Rift S forgets my play area

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue and what needs to be done to fix it. I've checked the forums but didn't see anything.Bought the Rift S yesterday. Setup was a breeze. The problem is that I have to keep doing it over and over and over... ...

Danure by Level 2
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Rift s uncomfortable I’m so aggravated

I’m just really sad right now I’ve tried adjusting it billion times I’m just laying down because I’m so aggravated I can’t Evan play my friends gets one on the 8 of June and I’m worried that I won’t be able to play with him. So the rift s is uncomfor...

Resolved! Software?

If I have Oculus Rift CV1 installed, will Oculus Rift S run, or do I need to install Oculus Rift S software?

bobd14 by Level 4
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USB C to Displayport Adapter

I recently bought the Rift S and was unaware it used displayports. My laptop (Lenovo Y520) does have any displayports but rather a usb c port connected to my integrated intel graphics card. I bought a usb c to displayport adapter and when it is conne...

Physical ascent and descent while in VR

Has anyone been able to go up the stairs in their home environment? I really wanted to try going up the stairs, but I wasn't able to move or orient the sensors in a way that would let me go up the stairs. It also doesn't help that I have very limited...

analog by Level 3
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Blurry Oculus Fix?

So I just got an Oculus, first VR gear I've had or used. I noticed that it's a little blurry, such as the watch option to check the time is very hard to read unless I stick it right up to my face. I also noticed that there is a "sweet spot" for it to...

kobaloi by Level 2
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trouble shooting

anyone having any luck with the new firmware!! cause i have not. been at this for hours upon hours. with no luck it cant detect headset. or sensors. i tryed to uninstall the app three times reinstall and update the drivers for gpu and windows nothing...