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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Rift S - USB Orange to Green

I dont know if this has been noted before. My S shows an orange warning for usb (updated drivers), but works fine.This morning while doing other things not rift related, but with the Oculus software minimised, the USB device icon was appearing and di...

RattyUK by Level 10
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orange circle exclamation point

HiI'm having the following problem when I have the Rift S headset. When I select desktop, I get an orange circle with an exclamation point which quickly disappears. I check my computer and there are no error messages or permissions I need to grant. I...

the home screen does not start

rift connected but I don't see the home screen, it stays still on 3 dots, what can I do? I have already tried disconnecting and reconnecting, I also tried to reinstall it worked but then it happens again.

tex1975 by Level 3
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Some games have no sound

I own some SteamVR games and Viveport games. I bought a Rift S and some games have no sound. For example Viveport Moss, Steam Tabletop Gods.Is this a Rift S driver problem or you don't have any problem and I have to find the solution in my PC?Thank y...

Says ready for a second then stops

I already made a post but it's now doing something else and I don't want to edit the whole thing. I'm using a 15 foot display port extension cable connected to both my RTX 2080 and my Rift S, and in the app the headset says it's not connected, but ev...

Petition to Redesign the daft cable clip!

Having gone through 1 cable already on the CV1 I am shocked they used the exact same clip design on RIFT S which kinks it under the cable's weight and can further damage it if stood on!Here is the correct angle of cable but the clip does not allow th...

Rift S headphones have static/fuzzy feedback

I've tried two sets of nice headphones and I'm getting a faint static, fuzzy buzz in my headphones when in silence. It doesn't do it all the time, mainly once I start playing games. Anyone else have this issue? Also, I can't figure out where I go to ...

Messages within the white noise

I am seeing things like Obey..Consume.. Watch TV... No Thought.. Buy.. Submit.. It is weird but i feel a change on my thoughts. Thne last night after the update i now see it in my dreams.

Meeaks by Level 3
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Black screen , Audio work

Hi .. now are 3 days that I try everything ...black screen on rift s , but audio work all connection is ok, all green and I try really everything . support tell me same tips and last message ask serial for garantee , they want change my unit. I had f...

Muted colors in Beat Saber on Rift S

Colors in Beat Saber are muted/dull on the Rift S. It seems like it is not set to full RGB. Colors in other games seem to be the same as on the Rift as far as I can tell though I wonder if they are muted as well. I wish there was a way to change this...

Long Last Firmware Upgrade

I recive this message from support , the night. I yet not try ...but I'm hopeful : Hi Gianluca,Thank you for your patience.Oculus has released a new update (1.38) to our Public Test Channel (PTC) with some fixes for Rift S, particularly for the black...

오큘러스s 터치컨트롤러 멈춤현상

오큘러스s 터치컨트롤러 멈춤현상이 업대이트해도 안돼고 win10 재설치해도 멈춤현상이 지속적으로 생기는대 다른분들도 이런 즌상있나요 아니면 기계가 이상있는건가요.터치가 멈출떼마다 제부팅해야하고 다른분들은 머리근처에가면 멈춘다는데 전 아무대서나 다멈춰요.

How to get Guardian to work with the new Rift S?

Hi,I just got my first VR headset (Rift S) which shipped a few days ago. Guardian doesn't seem to be working. I went through the tutorial to set up Guardian (using Passthrough)...However none of my apps or home screen seem to show the boundary. I'm e...

bkdavid by Level 2
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DisplayPort extension cable

I just purchased an Oculus Rift S and I am a little disappointed. With my Oculus Rift I was able to add extension cables without a problem. Now with the Oculus Rift S, it will not work. When I turn it on, the Oculus App on my PC just flickers on and ...