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Left controller not turning on

I recently purchased my controller approximately a week ago. A couple of days ago, I noticed that my left touch controller was telling me I let was low on battery far too much. Got new batteries and it would say it again seconds later, no matter how ...

Battery drain is insane

Put brand new batteries in last week but never actually got around to playing any VR, got a warning today that both batteries are almost dead...How the hell are they being drained so fast when not being used? Is this normal? none of the buttons are p...

Losing cameras witthin seconds

The cameras on my Rift S stop working within seconds of putting the headset on. At first, passthru is working as expected and I can see my surroundings. As I start putting the touch controllers on, the passthru dims a little, then goes to just visual...

Display stability of Rift S vs Go

I have a Rift S and an Oculus Go. I have had various problems with the Rift S display sticking and stuttering (particularly in menus). I have been through Oculus support who have been helpful and I have got the latest public beta software running. Th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Post update battery drain

Does anyone know if the issue of battery drain has been fixed with this latest 25/07 patch for Oculus Rift S?Everything is working fine, but I am still burning through batteries way faster than I ever did on my CV1. (at least 1 set a week)Cheers

Can USB 3.0 driver warning be ignored?

I'm using a mixmatch system (i72600k Oced, Asus P8P67 pro mobo, GTX 1080). I know only the Intel USB3 ports work well, the others don't have drivers and the Windows drivers provided run at 2.0 speeds for those (tried hacked drivers, but Windows seems...

reb1rth by Level 4
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Multiple play areas

I set up a quick standing area for messing around in, but I was thinking of firing up Elite Dangerous. How do I get it to create and use a new sitting down area, and how would I toggle between these play areas for different apps/usage?

reb1rth by Level 4
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After the first set up

Hello,I am a little short on space for using the Oculus Rift S upstairs (arriving Saturday) so i was wondering after i have downloaded all the necessary downloads to get me going would i be able to us my rift pc monitor free by using the desktop mode...

Fan system for fogging

Why as oculus not built a fan system into there goggles,I have a pair of fatshark hdo’s for my quads and the fan is brilliant,the lens’ start to fog up i press the fan button and fog gone.

CV1 IPD calibration

I noticed in the latest Oculus software that the calibration setting for IPD no longer displays a corrected value. Dashboard->Settings->Headset->Calibrate The Lens Spacing value always reports 57 no matter the position of the adjustment slider. Is th...

Anyone else's Rift S completely unusable?

For nearly two months I haven't been able to use my rift s at all. Within about 5 minutes of putting it on I get the phantom right controller bug and after I clear the device cache it just happens again. Even for those few short minutes before it hap...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift's Audio is not working.

The Audio is not working through the headphones or the PC. No audio seems to be coming from the Oculus program. Before you ask, every possible thing that I could set in the settings and the audio is set to the RIFT. All drivers are updated.

Broken Rift CV1???

I was playing beat saber, and all of a sudden my left screen turned off, followed by the other screen about 5 seconds after, i cant get it to work, this is really frustrating because i just got it, and its already broken. Any tips would help me alot,...

VR for Work (Multiple VIRTUAL Screens)?

Hey all,I am brand new to the VR world and the reason I purchased the Rift S was for R&D for potential use in our business. We require multiple desktop screens likely up to 6-8 screens that can be places around the user w/ full mouse and keyboard sup...


I can't seem to find this anywhere online. But I'm brand new to VR gaming. I just ordered my rift s and it should be here on the 30th. I heard that the headphones that come with it aren't optimal. I have a pair of Bose Sound link headphones that I wo...

Rift S Touch Tracking issue

Hello everyone,,i have often problems with the controller tracking.While playing Superhot vr on steam or Robo recall or sometimes in my oculus home the controller "hands" stuck near my body or both in the right sometimes. i can still rotate them but ...

Jinnoy by Level 2
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Discussing rift S tracking issues, need opinions

Hello, Ok so this topic is not meant to discuss about DEAD trackers / controllers, nor the static noises, black screens, etcInstead I want to discuss about what oculus seem to consider a functional rift S (so far)I've recorded myself doing standard m...

Aryetis by Level 2
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