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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Issues extending my Rift room sensor cables

I've tried digging through the forums, but there are a ton of conflicting messages so I thought I'd ask directly. I'm trying to extend my room sensor cables with the cables below, which I was told should work no problem. https://www.amazon.com/gp/pro...

HELP. Oculus rift s does not work

After I connect the oculus rift s to the computer, the oculus home will restart, restart, and restart...I tried all the methods to fix it.Updated win10 and graphics driver. I even changed a new oculus rift s but the problem still existsAlso, if I swi...

Question about the USB 3.0

Hello, I know we need to have a USB 3.0 to use the Oculus Rift S, I currently dont have a USB 3.0 on my computer but I know we can add USB 3.0 in our computer but my question is, is it ok to use and connect oculus rift s on a usb 3.0 where the USB 3....

Frenesy by Level 2
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Headset sensor check

I had a bunch of issues with the Oculus Rift s microphone that I had to go through a support ticket to figure out how to fix it and I ended up getting that fixed but now ever since then whenever I go to set up my device because I have to go to set up...

Weird Rift S issue

I upgraded my CV1 to the S and everything works great, until I shutdown my pc. My pc will shut down all the way, turn off, then withing 30 seconds reboot. The thing is this only happens when my S is plugged in. If I unplug it from the usb 3 and DP po...

Trouble Shooting Rift S stays black

I had no issues so far using the Oculus Rift S. But Yesterday the screen from the goggles suddenly turned black during a VR session.Actually I had it a view times that the inside out tracking wasnt working anymore as the goggles screen (when I used t...

Help forcing Games to run in Steam VR?

Hello, I'm a big fan of VR so far and have been having a lot of fun so far with using them. I had experienced no issues with lag, even with Steam VR running, and everything seemed to be working fine. Then, a software update rolled around, and now it ...

Oculus Rift Program Doesn't Finish Loading

My Oculus Rift worked for a good year, plus a few months, after I bought it in early 2017. Last May (2018), I had a problem with driver errors in Windows 10 and wasn't able to use my Oculus Rift. I reset Windows multiple times, but I kept my files. I...

Oculus home alternative, a clean simple launcher

Oculus home IMO needs a lightweight clean alternative version.I really would like the option to have a clean, light, simplified UI to launch games from. I know there is Oculus homeless, which is great but also just a grey void.. so having a basic but...

STZ by Level 3
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Oculus Rift S, My controllers dont stop dancing

I installed rift S and go good for 10 min then the controllers start dancing around me.I has try reinstall windows from 0, format ssd where i have installed the games and nothing happen. Rift S gone good 1 min then start dancing around me again.My sp...

Tumyue by Level 3
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Screen Vibration Rift S

I have been trying Rift S for about a week now. There seems to be a slight screen vibration or something weird that makes me feel uncomfortable. I dont have the same feeling with Rift CV1. Does anyone else feel this? Seems to help if I use my hands t...