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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Screen Vibration Rift S

I have been trying Rift S for about a week now. There seems to be a slight screen vibration or something weird that makes me feel uncomfortable. I dont have the same feeling with Rift CV1. Does anyone else feel this? Seems to help if I use my hands t...

Please help- headset not connecting

Good morning. We bought the Oculus Rift S for my son for his birthday. We tried to get it to work last night and the headset won't connect. We can't get past the set up screen, where you plug in the USB and Graphics cords. I know that the computer is...

setup problem Rift S

everytime i start a game Assetto , Raceroom , Pcars2 . i have to do the setup on my S roomscale guardian etc i dont play in the dark so my room is lit is there a fix for this ? thanks

bporion by Level 3
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Can't pin window to desktop

Since I switched to my Rift S I can no longer pull a window out of my virtual desktop and pin it to the VR display. I am only able to grab the entire virtual desktop and pin it, not a single window. I've tried all kinds of different grabbing motions ...

Solution for the most Rift S Problems.

I've been using my Rift S for some time now and was able to solve almost all the bugs and problemsand now use them almost flawlessly. In order to help those who get the Rift S first or still have problemsI list here all known errors and their solutio...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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'A' button on Oculus Touch isn't working

I'm using the first design of the Oculus touch controllers. I don't know what happened to it, but at some time, the 'A' button on the right controller stopped working. Pressing it didn't do anything. I was wondering how I could fix it.

Does the rift s require avx?

I'm planning to upgrade my CPU and buy a rift s but I don't quite have enough money for both yet. Currently I have a Pentium g4560 which has no avx. Wmr tracking requires avx so what about insight?

Rift S on Unity 2019

Sadly the Oculus examples do not compile with Unity 2019. I have to use 2018 to fuss around in Unity with my Rift S. Also: I can't get the vibration to work. Anybody else with these issues?

CPYX by Level 3
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remove headset message keeps coming up

I have a Rift S and while playing Dirt Rally I keep getting messages that block my view of the game that say remove headset, you have been outside the boundary for too long. I have tried resetting the boundaries in Guardian set up and also turning of...

Steam VR Oculus S?.

When I try and play a game threw Steam VR in Oculus S I get no display and a message on desktop restart steam VR restart oculus S but it does nothing and I have to restart. Oculus S is fine though it just trying to play games threw steam VR.

Problem with grapics drivers

So I've had an Oculus Rift for over a year now but haven't used it in a while. When I went to set it up on my new pc and when starting the Oculus app it showed me the message "Oculus has detected a problem with your graphics drivers." While trying to...

Rift S - USB Orange to Green

I dont know if this has been noted before. My S shows an orange warning for usb (updated drivers), but works fine.This morning while doing other things not rift related, but with the Oculus software minimised, the USB device icon was appearing and di...

RattyUK by Level 10
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orange circle exclamation point

HiI'm having the following problem when I have the Rift S headset. When I select desktop, I get an orange circle with an exclamation point which quickly disappears. I check my computer and there are no error messages or permissions I need to grant. I...

the home screen does not start

rift connected but I don't see the home screen, it stays still on 3 dots, what can I do? I have already tried disconnecting and reconnecting, I also tried to reinstall it worked but then it happens again.

tex1975 by Level 3
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Some games have no sound

I own some SteamVR games and Viveport games. I bought a Rift S and some games have no sound. For example Viveport Moss, Steam Tabletop Gods.Is this a Rift S driver problem or you don't have any problem and I have to find the solution in my PC?Thank y...