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PC Software Build 27.0 Release Notes

Oculus Link Added a fix to reduce judder across multiple applications including Medium and Quill. Improvements to microphone reliability. Improved recovery flow for GeForce driver hangs on Pascal cards. For more information, visit https://support.ocu...

Position error??

My Rift is doing something weird. In a lot of games, it makes my position go about half a meter to the left of my actual position, this is really annoying, since it makes me unable to play those games. Does anyone know a solution to this??Edit: Never...

Oculus Dash Disable X-Ray for Pinned Windows

Just wanted to put in a request for an option to make pinned dash windows not use the X-Ray effect while the dash is closed, and instead have them clip against the 3D geometry normally as if they were part of the game world. That way we could do some...

owenwp by Level 5
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Cannot connect Unity with Oculus Rift

Hi everyone,I have 3D projects that work totally fine with Oculus Rift on other PCs, but not on mine. I have the latest version of Unity2018, the oculus app itself is working fine (on my PC), VR is supported in the player settings, but nothing works....

remarks and suggestions

Since we are doomed to continue with this new environment since the update, so much contributed to the improvement of it.The wristwatch only appears when the bar is present, but there is already time on the right side of the bar. So at that time the ...

Finally acheived landing on Google Earth.

Started out with a Go. Wrong device. Got a Rift. Wrong computer. New computer. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HELPED ME WHILE I WAS BANGING MY HEAD ON MY VIRTUAL WALL! Question. Can I explore Earth, or only go on the predefined cities and tours? If I can expl...

Phone notification?

Hello there! I was wondering if anyone finds that annoying that you can hear your phone notification/vibrate but doesn't know if it's a message a call or who is calling you etc. I really wish there was a way to implement phone notification in your oc...

Rift 1.35 PTC Release Notes

Home: Custom Home Support: You now have the ability to import your own Home geometry as a replacement for the standard “cabin” geometry. Just like importing your own custom items, you can place a .glb file in your My Imports\Custom Homes folder and u...

Oculus Rift Capabilities

Hello! Through grant funding, we recently purchased an Oculus Rift for a motion simulator project at my school. In addition to using the Rift for the motion simulator, we would like to learn about other educational purposes for the Rift. Ideally, we ...

judgelm by Level 2
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Oculus Rift Motion Gain

Is there a way to change the motion proportional gain to allow for more head movement (example: Look 180° around when head is only turned 90° on so on) ? ? ?

Shark- by Level 2
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My oculus rift went black out frequestly

Hi, recently my oculus rift went black out frequestly (I'm using it for roughly 8h everyday). But position and rotation tracking seem to be working; it outputs what supporsed to be projected inside hmd to external display and I can see it's working p...

Order tracking issue

So I ordered a Rift yesterday, and I didn't have an Oculus account at that time, and now I can't track my order because I ordered the Rift without an account, any help?

Bli-B by Level 2
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GTX1070 & Performance - Is my setup normal?

Hey All,So I have ventured in to the VR realm, and am in a learning process....and its a big one!. I am experiencing some problems, or at least what I percieve to be problems, but not sure.I have reasonable graphics with my setup, which is as follows...


Приведствую!такая ситуация!левая линза замерцала и виснит картика!переустоновил прог перезагружался переустоновил др на вид!и все равно(((

fedenev by Level 2
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Support for one handed people

Basically the most useful feature would be a switch on controller, that makes the left/right remote act as right/left remote. Could even do key combination/macro on existing rift controllers, which would be even possible to implement with software up...

GP Bikes - VR

So I have a game on my desktop that I know works with Oculus Rift. I have seen many videos and it looks cool. I have two desktop icons. One is standard. One is VR. However when I start it on the desktop it doesn't go to the Oculus. Right now all I ca...

XTRMLN by Level 3
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 I recently bought oculus rift + touch and my rift headset screen is still black not display can anyone help me im new to this and I did follow the instruction but still not sure how to get the display to work well

Simple question

Noob here. Is is there a way, well I KNOW there has to be, to start Oculus with a different player? Or change players after O has started?My wife likes to play (lucky me) and wants her own avatar, friends, etc.thanks!