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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Will these controllers work with the Rift?

I took a break from gaming for a while, so some things may have changed. This page https://www.oculus.com/rift-s/accessories/ says the Oculus Touch controllers require the Rift S. My question is will they work with the original Rift? I don't want to ...

analog by Level 3
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I cannot connect new rift s to my pc.

After installing Oculus App,App says "Connect HMD and USB3 to my pc."Of course I connect them to my pc,but it doesn't act at all.About 5seconds after, App always down and App restart automatically.After repeating this situation,finally I got error me...

Oculus Rift S Display Options

Hello all Rift S is working fine on my PC. Not exactly sure what led Oculus to go the route of using Display Port. The technology nobody wanted and that nobody uses that just won't die or go away. Here is my question though, I was going to test my Ri...

rjnmd70 by Level 4
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So about this new Microphone icon in the systray?

I am getting a microphone icon in my systray now with my Rift S.It states: "Oculus Home is using your microphone". Don't recall ever seeing that before - think it may have started after getting the May Windows Creators Update 1903 on Thursday.Anyone ...

dburne by Level 15
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Fixed black screen issue

Alright so check this out, Everytime I started oculus s from my laptop it kept black screening after 15 sec but kept the audio. Heres the fix: Go to nivida control panel and set the graphics card as the main for the 3d settings and the PhysX, then do...

ItsKems by Level 2
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Oculus Rift S not working

my Oculus Rift S shows the orange light while booting then vanishes once in windows 10, im on the most recent windows update, have the latest graphics drivers but it still wont show the rift as being connected. Any help would be great

Audio Mirroring

I haven’t been keeping up with the new releases. Have they removed audio mirroring? I can’t find it. I only have the option to either select Rift Audio or Windows Default. I’m playing Beat Saber and I can’t seem to do it. I love the option of mirrori...

ThePro by Level 2
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Straps ripping

I've been using the Oculus Rift S for a few hours a day since it released and I've noticed that my left controller's strap is ripping. Is the quality low on these? What do I do if it rips?

DaWeege by Level 2
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Dirt Rally input delays and stuttering

Specs:i7 8750HAorus Gaming Box 1070 8gb eGPU16gb 2666 MHz Like the title says, even on the absolute lowest settings, this game will constantly stutter/lag and the controls through my Xbox One controller are delayed half the time. This makes the game ...

Llambb by Level 2
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possible cheap Rift S or Quest heads up.

hmmmmm on the 24th ebay apparently have a 15% off all computer, videogames and electronics day. (max £60 saving)currys among others have an ebay store,can you see where i am going with this?I cant find any RiftS going for RRP but there are a bunch of...

HDMI not connecting please help

hey everyone, been having the hdmi not connecting and really starting to get confused, i reinstalled windows 2 times, i pushed back my drivers, i got hdmi adapters usb 3.0 adapters etc, i borrowed my buddies hdmi cable from his oculus and still havin...

SteamVR with Rift S??

What's the deal here. Valve and Oculus can't be serious? I go to play some SkyrimVR and I get Vive wands that don't respond. So I tried launching SkyrimVR from inside SteamVR Home and I get OG rift controllers that don't respond.How long do we have t...

Oculus Home or Store not working

oculus home on headset and store not working! desktop app seems to be working fine. games and apps load ok, but when I click on the dash to go home just tells me its loading, same goes for the oculus store! under taskmanager the oculus home client se...

Rift S - First impressions

My S arrived this afternoon (thanks Overclockers!) and I've had a chance to play with it a little.Plug in from start/update firmware all fine. Then complain it can't 'see' the sensors and change USB port - all fine! Go through the initial setup / Fir...

RattyUK by Level 10
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Rift S - Vibration is weak in SteamVR

Hi all,Vibration is hardly noticeable when playing SteamVR games (specifically BeatSaber). It's fine when using Oculus Home or playing Robo Recall, but it seems to be an issue when playing Steam titles. Any else have this issue?

duy_mo by Level 3
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DisplayPort doesn't get detected

I'm having the issue where my displayport isn't being detected. I'm using my laptop, which has all min specs, but when I plug it into my mini displayport I get the sound from windows that it is being detected. The screen turns on, but oculus says tha...

Reinstall software

I made the mistake of letting it download to C drive, and finding out it didn't have enough space. So, I deleted it and went to run the download again and choose my E drive.instead of downloading too the new drive, it went to a screen that said "not ...

BMaac by Level 2
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