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Sniper Rust VR is out now

Lock and load! Today award-winning game developer Zatun has announced a new entry in their action-packed marksman series. Embark on a global adventure as one of the top sharpshooters of the world in Sniper Rust VR, a new virtual reality experience fo...

Major Rift Problem

So let me explain, I have an HDMI splitter, i was using the device yesterday when i decided to upgrade to windows 10. Before the upgrade, i had to unplug the monitor and plug in the headset into the splitter and so on. After that everything worked sm...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift 1.27 Release Notes

The latest Rift SI version 1.27 is beginning to rolling out now. We've updated the Oculus desktop app with search improvements and a new results page, and added some new features for Library management. There's also a new uncommon item in Home that s...

Roll Call!

How many Rift CV1 + Touch residents do we have here?The new Rift forum was launched today. Woohoo!

Zenbane by Level 15
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touch controller questions

1.On both of my touch controllers, a small oval pad has fallen through the trigger button, first it get stuck in the trigger and I have to pull it out with tweezers to get the trigger to work again, is this normal? should I try to take it apart and r...

xor1337 by Level 3
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Headset extension cables?

Hi all, I know in the past there have been some threads trialling headset extension cables (both the usb and HDMI).Is there anything that has been widely agreed as working well? The longer the better but even 6ft would make a big difference in the ro...

First time setup no vr display

Upon installing the rift setup for the first time I followed my way through the instructions until I arrive at the lens adjuster part. It tells me to put the VR headset on and follow the instructions through the headset. I put it on and there is no d...

What's this "My Imports" thing?

I just noticed the "My Imports" category in Home.Did this just arrive or was I not paying attention?I haven't imported anything from anywhere, but I now have a Robot and a tree with kids to use in my home.These 2 items seem to have handles for resizi...

Every week a new update, what is wrong?

Hello,I liked Oculus from the beginning very much (DK1 and DK2 and CV1 and Oculus Go), I have all 4 HMDs.At this time i can only say "what is wrong with this company?"! Every week is a new Update for the Software! Sometimes 2 or 3 Updates on 2 or 3 d...

Clay by Level 4
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Audio is reversed

A few days ago, i bought extension cables for my rift CV1. Now my rift's audio gets reversed randomly, as in L/R becomes R/L. is there any way to Fix this?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Screen Blurry

Hi,I recently bought my Rift, actually 2 days ago. The First day when i used it everything was clear and crisp, however when i use it today everything seem so blurry (the image/graphic even the text.) As i am pretty new to this,i am not sure whether ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Help - Monitor goes black when plugging in HDMI

So today I was playing beat saber and it was running a little laggier than usual so I tried turning off some of the background apps I had running but that didn't help. Anyways I eventually just resorted to doing a restart but when I turned my PC back...

ZedXC by Level 2
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changing to a different account/profile

Hi guys,i have two Oculus Rift accounts/profiles (because I own one at home and one at work) and I would like to change my profile on my home computer to the second profile (my working place computer)! Can someone please tell me how to do that and wh...

Streaming Rift to Chromecast?

Tried to find with search but didn't find an aswer (or question about it). So DEVS, is there going to be Chromecast support for Oculus Rift anytime soon? Edit: And i mean native support in Oculus Home(2), not streaming desktop and mirror.

Netheri by Level 8
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