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Stuttering Beat Saber Rift S

I have read all the articles - past and present and nothing I do seem to fix the issue of a few ms of lag. It is enough to fail songs A LOT. I have updated all drivers, gpu I am not sure what to do. Is anyone else having this issue? It appeared after...


when i plug in my headset i get audio but the headset only displays the three loading dots have contacted support and have tried what they said and still nothing need help

Pending hardware issue

This is the message I get in VR, after downloading the latest update to my Rift CV1:Error occured. You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing you from starting a VR app.I have seen several forum posts about this excact error but none of the...

Status of the hand tracking for Rift S?

While back there were lot of rumors about Rift S being worked for the hand tracking like Oculus Quest. But what has happened to it? The last Oculus event was silent about Rift S that made people worry about Oculus abandoning Rift S months after relea...

Fri13 by Level 4
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Any suggestions on third party Rift S cables?

Recently, after using my Rift S for not more than a week, my dog already managed to break my cable by stepping on it. Oculus doesn't directly sell the cables anymore and the ones on Ebay are absurdly priced, I am not going to pay 120 Pounds for a cab...

Ant1Q by Level 2
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Rift s shutting down every couple minutes

So after last update, about a month ago everything was fine. But then problems started. Rift s started to "restart" constantly after 20 minutes to 1 hour and speaker crackling appeared. The screen freezes and then headset restarts, sometimes you get ...

xfpad by Level 2
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Update killed my Minecraft

So I just got the Oculus S for my birthday. I am a late comer I know, I suspect it was on sale. Regardless, I hooked it up and began enjoying Minecraft right away. The best part? unlike the oculus rift, Minecraft no longer made me sick when I played!...

setup problem

i have my sensors connected, i also see they are connected in the app, but when i want to install the touch, it sais i need 2 sensors connected. anyone who can help?

oculus touch keybind

my joystick click button is broken on my touch and i really need it, is there any way i can make it so that the Y button does the same thing as the joystick click?

Quest 2 exclusives not available on rift s

Feel free to correct me if I'm getting something wrong, but it seems very weird that some games from quest 2 aren't available on rift s when both consoles are made by the same company and the rift s could be more powerful depending on your computer. ...


so since i got my rift s back in march ive had nothing but issues with it, headset not registering that the display port is plugged in and it will start to work again randomly without me doing anything different and would really like to know why, get...

Resolved! help bug Guardian

Hi every body,since yersterday I have this problem :I see guardian limits in blue when I move even if I don't touch the limits  Can someone help me please ?I reset all config many times but no result :'(

mathq by Level 2
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the problem with the helmet

hello. I don 't know if I 'm the only one with such a problem , but I 'll try to explain.while in Vr, I sometimes have a problem, namely, he starts either to pass out or something else.And to be more precise, the image freezes for a second with a cha...

SetRuks by Level 2
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Downloading setup

While redownloading the oculus home after the update it keeps saying when I try to download it even though I've gotten rid of the old one cause it wasn't working correctly it keeps popping up restart computer, sorry we encountered an error during ins...

3080, 5900x, low performance headroom

CPU usage is around 15%, GPU usage is around 50% while headroom constantly dropping to 0, I'm sure my PC specs are perfect, does this mean rift s itself has a limit? Flux is off, supersampling is also off in both steam VR and oculus console.

ag6cat by Level 2
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My rift s stopped working a week ago

Simply:Everything was ok until like a week ago, now i cant manage to use my rift s. 3 dots are visible in the headset's screens, the controller shows up even if they are uncallibrated, and i cant manage to get back to the oculus home.Any ideas? I saw...

Resolved! Cable Extentions

So I recently bought a 6ft usb extension and a 6ft DisplayPort repeater because I thought my issues was coming from from the first cables I bought and didn't seem to work. The issue that happens is about 20 to 30 minutes in playing on vr tracking wil...