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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Resolved! how do you exit the store

hello, just bought and set up my oculus rift today. was browsing the store with the head set on but when i was done i couldn't figure out how to exit the store without taking off the headset. i tried pressing each button but nothing happened. i'm usi...

clw2147 by Level 2
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Oculus Update

I get an error saying that I have insufficient HD space for Oculus updates but that is not the case. Oculus says I need at least 12gb of space where I have 60gb of space. Any clues as to how this can be remedied?

Rift Purchase Options After Rift S?

So I'm planning to get an Oculus Rift with touch in May this year. The plan for the Rift S is to replace to Rift. After reading reviews and looking into it, it seems that the Rift is still the better option over the Rift S. Does anybody know if there...

Need a Refurbished Headset

I had a rift and loved and used the hell out of it till it died to the dreaded HDMI connection issue. I want to buy a refurbished headset. Don't need the controllers or sensors just the headset. But I can't find on the oculus site where to order one ...

Dynamic backlight dimming on LCD headsets?

Does anyone have an idea of whether it would be possible to implement automatic dynamic dimming of the LED backlight (like LCD TVs have) on LCD based headsets like the Go and Rift S in order to "fake" better black levels, as a software update after r...

Lujho by Level 5
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Wireless/untethered for PC ?

Will there ever be a wireless Rift version for the PC ? I enjoy my gaming massively, but the wire/cord is annoying for obvious reasons, one of which drives me insane ! WHY did the idiot who created/make the Oculus cabling think it was a good idea to ...

Pulser by Level 3
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How do I run multiple apps on rift

I am trying to run a twitch chat probram like OVRdrop to be able to see my twitch chat while streaming, however, If I load chat and then try to load my game, it comes up with a message saying "running multiple apps may cause performance issues. " and...

Blank screen, orange light, Audio only Issue

Hi guys,Bought the Rift a few days ago and had it working great up until now. Suddenly, theres no video only blackness, an orange LED light and only audio playing. I can even hear myself moving around in-game.I havent touhed any settings Many thanks


I don't know if my right and left controller is broken, but recently I switched my batteries out and they stopped working. I don't know if the controllers only want one specific type of battery. I was using Rayovac and I'm trying to switch to Duracel...

Processor Not Compatable

Hi, I have just purchased a new computer ready for when the rift s comes out. Looking at the minimum spec the processor was a Ryzen 3 1200. So when I purchased my new computer I got the Ryzen 3 2300x. So this should be a better option but when I run ...

Evemy by Level 2
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check oculus version and force update

Is there a way I can check the current version of my oculus software? under updates it shows my last update over 2 months ago but I thought I read the new ASW 2 was released recently and thought I'd have an update.Is there a setting somewhere to chec...

Rift and Sensors suddenly are crazy

Hello, yesterday I played in normal way my Elite Dangerous. But today no chance. Somtimes rift and sometimes the sensors are not correct. I changed the inputs, but still the same problem. Attention> todaz was aMicrosoft Update for Win10 !!! Whats wro...

Oculus Mirror - new version?

I have no idea what I did but the oculus home launched all by itself (the HMD was sitting on my desk) this morning along with what seems to be a new version of the Oculus mirror tool that included a menu for different views/options etc... But I can't...

KNP54 by Level 5
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can i buys everything sepperate

hey, I was wondering if there was any way or place I could buy each thing that comes with the oculus rift separately? I am not great with my money and I do better when buying things separately and I really want an Oculus cause its beautiful 

Hippari by Level 2
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Two Headsets on the same account

So in the future I may be getting the new Rift S, and I'm planning to give my current Rift CV1 to my wife who will be studying for her masters in another state. I know that you cant use the same apps on the same account, but if both headsets are link...