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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...


My games start where I am looking behind myself. So, beatsaber starts looking the oposite directions as the menus. Could it be a problem with the software?

OVR Error: Code: -6001

My Rift works well but now i get sometimes this error and Rift stops working: OVR Call failed, aborting. Error code: -6001 Descr: There is no room in the texture swapchain to accept more frames. In the log you find this:BaseCompositor::SubmitFrames -...

HDMI not connected

The HDMI cable is not working. It says it not connected even though its in. Everything this else is working perfectly. the sensors are fine and I can even hear the audio through the Rift. I don't know what I did wrong. I've tried almost everything to...

Teleport vs Movement

Has there been any mention adding a toggle of normal analog stick movement as opposed to teleportation? I understand that the teleport feature was to reduce motion sickness, but for people who pay a hefty fee for a device, would expect this option to...

Dedicated Oculus Rift OS for PC

It would be nice if there were a dedicated Oculus Rift OS that I could install on my PC to turn my PC into a console that behaves and performs as well as the Oculus Go and Quest OS. I would have no problem if it were a highly stripped down Windows OS...

Papias by Level 2
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purchased second hand rift but no robo recall

Hi all Merry christmas, just wanted to ask a quick question i have just got my rift and was looking forward to Robo Recall as i heard i was free when registering everything, thing is i do not see anything in my list do i not get it free if it is a se...

Delivery time

Hello everybody, my name is Oscar and i was wondering how much times i takes to deliver a rift to Belgium. And when will i my my confirmation e-mail.

Family Accounts

We just opened an Oculus Rift today for Christmas and at this point I want to return it because it's connected to only one account. Sony PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, Apple all have family accounts to share software and devices. I can buy a $500 Xbox that c...

Oculus Rifft - Multiple Issues after update

Hey everyone, so I returned from a deployment and picked up my oculus rift again, it honestly ran perfectly before this update but now I'm having massive issues here: First off, I'm running it off of an Acer Predator 17 Laptop, i7 Processor, GEFORCE ...

Oculus Setup Repeatedly Crashes

Whenever I try to setup my new Oculus Rift, the setup keeps on crashing and restarting (mostly on the sensor setup). Even if I skip the setup, it still repeatedly crashes and restarts. I have tried deleting all Oculus files and reinstalling the files...


hello im using windows 7 and im trying to dowload the rift program but it says after i have accepted their policy your computer blocked this download. Im not the adminstrator on this computer. Im just wondering if anny one got an awnser. I cannot tur...

eggurio by Level 2
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Trouble shooting

Alright ive got an issue with the Occulus site and the setup download, whenever i click download rift setup the page just refreshes and redirects me back to the setup page, i see a quick glimpse of the download page. my adblock is off on the site, i ...

scheemz by Level 2
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HDMI cable not recognised

I'm having trouble getting my pc to recognise the hdmi cable for my new oculus rift. I've restarted my pc, I've restarted the app and my rift, I've updated my GPU to its most current update, tried unplugging and replugging but nothing seems to work. ...

I'm done with Rift

So I've had my rift since march and since the first day it have been treating me like crap first week of getting it 1 of my sensors go out and has been treating me like crap since now and my other one goes out today I've tried asking Rift for help an...

Touch Controllers are bugged post update.

The Touch Controller software keeps getting worse and worse. during the middle of this year when Oculus did it's major update (when it added that home thing whenever that was) I noticed I could no longer re-centre in any other games from steam, that ...

Best of these Graphics cards

Hi, Which would you say is the best of these Two cards? The 550 with 4GB or the 560 with 2GB?Asus Pheonix Radeon RX550 4GB DDR5 PCIe3 DVI HDMI DP 1071MHzAsus AREZ Radeon RX 560 2GB DDR5 PCIe3 DVI HDMI DP 1197MHz Clock Overclocked VR Ready

Oculus Software keeps failing

Hi, I got a rift for Christmas (celebrated early). Every time I try to install the software (about 5 times now), I've left it to download and every time I've come back and it's said the same thing. "Installation failed, try restarting". I've restarte...

New Oculus owner-(issues)-PLZZZZ HELP

Ok so I bought my oculus during Black Friday and haven't been able to get on it cause my pc wasn't compatible so I waited until I had a upgraded to a new laptop and yes its Vr ready and everything so I tried connecting my oculus and now I have issues...

Lost games

So recently my computer crashed and i lost a bit if not all my files/games. I finally had time to re download my oculus rift + touch. When i got to oculus home/store i notice all the games I've downloaded such as, Robo Recall(came free with my touch)...

tblanch by Level 2
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