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Rift S Tracking near head

Got my Rift S yesterday, loved it. The visuals are a noticeable upgrade for the CV1 Rift and I really like the new headstrap and controllers. My big issue that I'm hoping to hear from others about is tracking near your head, especially for games that...

Incompatible USB port_

So I just got my Rift S today.I removed my CV1 and just plugged in the Rift S in the same USB port, but I'm getting an "Incompatible USB Port" error message.I tried 2 other ports (USB 3) as well, but still the same thing.Does the Rift S require somet...

oculus rift s I see blurred lens left

hi ... i have an oculus rift s. I have never had a vr so I don't know if I have to look at it but when I look around in the menu and above all in the menus I see the letters not clear but blurred I set my ipd which is 70.1 visited by 2 opticians for ...

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is there a way to disable standby mode?

i have noticed that when sitting insanely still for around 2-5 minutes the rift headset goes into standby mode turning off visuals but leaving audio running. nodding or moving the headset turns it back on but that gets irritating when you are watchin...

Blackscreen after 10 seconds

I tried to reinstall drivers, program, all cables are secured. I'm using an MSI GE63 Raider 8RF GTX1070. I'm using the mini adapter that the Rift S came with to plug it in and I can open the app for about to seconds on the rift then the video cuts ou...

ItsKems by Level 2
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Reset Rift S controllers?

Had my first problem today. My daughter was trying out the new Rift S and when we loaded up beat saber, the contollers in her hand became all messed up and backwards. So holding it normal made it look like your hand was backwards facing behind you wh...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift S smells funny

Anyone else's Rift S smell like garlic? I have a feeling it will give me a migraine. Also the face gasket padding irritates my face just like the Rift did. I had to remove it. I tried to use the vrology gear vr mod but the padding isn't thick enough.

Headset blows USB power port.

so when i run the oculus app, and try to install the hardware i get this message when i plug in the USB 3.0 cable for the headset. no matter which USB i try, BLOWED. ive tracked down and done, nearly every fix there is and nothing works. i bought a p...

Disabling 'home' button on Oculus Rift S

So I'm the owner of a Oculus Rift S set and I'm playing beat saber. But is there a way to disable the home button on the right controller? I have the nasty habit of squeezing the controller and when things get fast and chaotic I tend to hit the home ...

Rift S extension cord question

I am new to the rift system but I would like to extend my headset to use in the room next to my pc. I should be getting the rift s in the mail this week so I am trying to prepare What is the maximum length you can extend the cords with extensions. Al...

Need some help with controllers

Hi guys,received my rift s today and upon setting up I am having issues with the controllers movement. They are connected and paired and when i move they either freeze, are in the wrong place or don't work. The controllers seem staggered in movement ...

cj19931 by Level 2
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Rift S IPD Range

I have pre-ordered a Quest and waiting eagerly for delivery next week! I have just been watching a video on Youtbube about the importance of getting IPD correct. I have to admit when I had my Rift, I never really fully understood what this was and ju...

enigma01 by Level 10
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Problem IPD on Oculus Rift S

Hello,sorry Oculus, but I must leave you (after DK1, DK2, CV1 and Go)! I have got problems with my IPD (71) and the Oculus Rift S.I think, that I just want to buy the Valve Index (with the Knuckles). My Question is, can I use the Knuckles with my Ocu...

Clay by Level 4
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