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Go Vs Rift

I have a lower end gaming laptop and I could use the Big Screen app along with a Oculus Go to play some of my existing games, but I really don't want to spend $199 -$249 on a Go, I'd rather purchase the Rift but I know my laptop can't handle FULL VR ...

Rift 1.35 Release Rolling Out Now

Home:Custom Home Support: You now have the ability to import your own Home geometry as a replacement for the standard “cabin” geometry. Just like importing your own custom items, you can place a .glb file in your My Imports\Custom Homes folder and us...

Sensor Error - Updating Firmware f

Oculus Rift was working fine until yesterday evening; I saw message "Firmware update required" -, clicked on update; but seems a sensor wouldn't get updated. tried re-installing , but no luck. Also not seeing the white light on that sensor; the other...

satish by Level 2
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Oculus Compatibilty Ram

Just built up my computer as it was not meeting minumum standrards. Everything now meets or exceeds recommended levels however the compatibility test only reads 4 gb I have 2 sticks of 4 running and my computer shows that I have 8. has any one else h...

bobrobs by Level 2
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Oculus keeps crashing

WTF!?? Very frustrated. Was working great since December, now headset either freezes, or audio just stops. I get error messages telling me to plug in my headset, yet there's nothing wrong with the connection. Any help would be appreciated.

SkyCrew by Level 2
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front sensor placement

hey all my first post,im a very new user of rift+touch.i have three sensors,adding a 4th (i dont know why other than i had the cash)sensor,but the front two,do they have to be flush with one another?,,lets say do they both need to be sitting at (for ...

Home customisation ???

Hi everyone.Until now I didn't use customisation options (I thought that's an useless memory drain), but I recently visited a home with Star Wars, manga and many other licences objects.I'd really like to do the same, so here's my question: where can ...

How to find Oculus Rift Saved Game Data

I bought a new more powerful computer for my Oculus Rift. I would like to find the saved game data from all my games on the old computer and move it to the new computer. I have a lot of hours invested in some of these games and I don't want to start ...

jayrobw by Level 2
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graphics driver issue detected

whenever i open oculus with my oculus headset plugged in, it says graphics driver issue detected saying that i need to reinstall my graphics drivers, so i did and still nothing, ive tried downgrading to earlier driver version aswell, currently on 418...

Graphics Jitter

Hi everyone ever since the last oculus update lastnight my oculus headset keeps having graphic jitters if anyone knows off a fix i that would be great my PC specs are: Computer Specs:CPU: Intel I5 Core 7600KRam: 32GB 3333MHz DDR4GPU: Nvidia Geforce G...

How many sensors should I use?

I'm interested in buying an Oculus Rift + Touch set but I see it only comes with 2 sensors. Should I just start with the 2 and see the 2 perform well on there own based on my room setup or should I just play it safe and order an extra?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Latest update 1.35

Anyone else having trouble with the update. Mine gets to 51% and then stops. Error message tells me to try again later? Tried that ...still no joy

denodo by Level 2
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Help with Oculus Rift

am asking for help is because I found out a couple days ago my aunt's brain cancer has returned and she only has a couple weeks to live if not less than that. My mom informed me that all she wanted to do before she went was to go the Grand Canyon. Un...

Position error??

My Rift is doing something weird. In a lot of games, it makes my position go about half a meter to the left of my actual position, this is really annoying, since it makes me unable to play those games. Does anyone know a solution to this??Edit: Never...

Oculus Dash Disable X-Ray for Pinned Windows

Just wanted to put in a request for an option to make pinned dash windows not use the X-Ray effect while the dash is closed, and instead have them clip against the 3D geometry normally as if they were part of the game world. That way we could do some...

owenwp by Level 5
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Cannot connect Unity with Oculus Rift

Hi everyone,I have 3D projects that work totally fine with Oculus Rift on other PCs, but not on mine. I have the latest version of Unity2018, the oculus app itself is working fine (on my PC), VR is supported in the player settings, but nothing works....