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Watching content in South Africa

Hi thereI just recently got myself the Rift. I am based in South Africa and wish to watch the VR episodes of this series: http://halcyonvr.com/#page-2I am unable to watch them as I am based in South Africa. Is there some way around this? I really wou...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Showing connected but no video

Good Afternoon All, Having issues with no video in my Rift but yet shows as green and connected in Oculus. My system and peripherals are the following:AMD Ryzen 7 1800XAsus ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming32 GB RAMASUS ROG STRIX NVidia 1080GTX Ti OC 11GBWindo...

rjnmd70 by Level 4
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Oculus Home items unusable

I am getting so frustrated now! All of a sudden, I can't access or use my items in Oculus Home. There are a good many of them that I have earned and they do show up in their 'catalog' boxes onscreen. However, no matter what I do, I can't get them out...

SET-VR by Level 3
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Elite Dangerous on Laptop/Desktop

Is there a way to play the Oculus purchased version of Elite Dangerous on a laptop without using the VR headset? I'd to do some updates to control bindings and other things that don't require a headset but game won't start without the headset?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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setting up touch with unity

I am having tons of troule seting up the touch controllors in unity. I have followed multiple online tutorials and I cant seem to get it to work. could anyone offer advice or ideas for help.

mlewy1 by Level 2
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Touch Games

I've sent a request to support about 3 days ago and have had no reply so I thought I would come here. I have recently purchased a brand new Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle from Oculus and have been wondering where the free titles including Robo Recall are...

How do I remove Specular Glossiness?

I downloaded a 3D model I would like to use in my home. I was able to resize it just fine. The problem is, Home throws an error "KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness" when trying to move the model into my home space. My question is , how can I remove ...

cleaning inside headset?

what is the best way to,or can you,clean the inside of the headset?..mine is brand new,and the left eye thingy seems to have a smudge on it,weird thing is,i have to wear glasses to use the oculus,and when i put the headset on,im very careful to not t...

Which HDMI cable for iMac pro?

Hello,I have just purchased an Oculus rift and I'm looking for the right cable.I have an iMac Pro and if possible I would like to avoid the most expensive adapter USB C - HDMI from apple.Do you have any recommendations?Thanks!

DirkGen by Level 2
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Oculus Rift will not update

I have been getting the message " Sorry, we're having trouble updating Oculus, Please make sure you have at least 12.00 Gb of disk space free " The thing is I have over 500 Gb of free space on my hard drive, I am clueless on what to do.....I have uni...

Need help with focus adjustment

Heyo, I just got my rift and had it setup. I'm not sure if I missed anything but it's very blurry for me. I have poor eyesight so it could just be me but I'm not sure if there's any software solution to adjust the focus to fit my poor eyesight. I don...

ImBumi by Level 2
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Rift won't update

I haven't been able to update since 1.35 where I had trouble with that release. I did a complete reinstall and as a result my current version is 1.27? Can someone help this technically challenged grey head solve this issue? Much appreciated 

denodo by Level 2
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