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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Oculus Debug Tool CLI

I have found that using OculusDebugToolCLI.exe to lock FPS @30 works very well for a particular program, but every time I want to run that program I have to re-enter the command.My question is: Is there any way to Auto Execute this when I start up, O...

Rift S losing tracking and Static screen

Hey all. I know the internet is full of this error but i cannot find a fix yet with the purchase of extra hardware.So i got the Rift S to replace my old Rift. Since i also was in need of new pedals and steering wheel for simracing this was the cheape...

Add a desktop border editor

Add a desktop border editor. Making the boundaries from the helmet does not come out to lead them exactly, and many corners are created, due to which the performance drops greatly. The Guardian Boundary Editor throws an error and cannot edit. If some...

Tiranys by Level 2
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Nach dem Spiel kein Homebase mehr, alles schwarz

hallo allerseits, nachdem ich mich mittlerweile damit abgefunden habe, dass die Rift S bei jedem Gebrauch quasi wieder neu eingerichtet werden muss ( neu verbinden, einrichten), hier der nächste Fehler. Die Oculus Rift S darf nicht am PC dauerhaft ge...

dbloy by Level 2
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Display port Extension Not Working.

Recently, I moved my desk around in my room so that i would have more room to use VR. However, I had to buy an extension for the headset. So i did, but now the Display Port won't stay connected. It connects for a brief second then disconnects.Is this...

Tobycam by Level 2
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audio issues

Hello everyone!I have ann issue when i have very quiet static audio coming from my oculus rift s ,and anything other than that static audio i can't hear anything.i bought the headset 2 months ago,i havent dropped it so i cant figure out what to do.

Haptic Feedback Toggle

Would really like an option in experimental for turning off haptic feedback vibrations on the Rift S controllers.My biggest reason is to save battery life, my smallest reason is that some games it just vibrates for no reason and is annoying.

Resolved! "Sensors can't track headset" problem. What do I do?

I have been having this issue while setting up my headset. I encountered an issue where my computer could not read the Occulus Driver, so after getting rid of it, I was able to continue to the "Headset Sensor Check" stage of setup. However, no matter...

MLDKF by Level 2
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The sensors cannot track the goggles.

My oculus rift s worked fine for few days but after those few days oculus program was saying displayport not connected. I just re plug it was showing its finethen i weared rift s it was showing 3 dots and the light was orange. When i started device c...

Store search engine

Could it be possible to add some features to the store search engine in the oculus app ?I'd like to see an advanced search engine where we can refine the games database to our wishes like Position filter : stand position or sit position or roomscale ...

XcentY by Level 2
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Set Forward View

After a long break, I've started using Rift-S again for flight simulation and I can't remember how to set the forward view using the controllers while in-game. There was a simple way of doing it by pointing the controller in the direction you wanted,...

cant connect hdmi cord

so i just got my oculus rift but when i set it up everything is connected and has a green tick except the hdmi cord that connects to the headset its still stuck on the loading thing so can someone help

Oculus Rift S extreme stutter

since yesterday I have the extreme problem with my Rift S that if I play for about 3 minutes it starts to stutter unplayably.I've tried everything: reinstall the driver (also tested several versions), turned on the cables, restarted the PC several ti...

Oculus software install issue

Hi I have been using my Oculus Rift S since Christmas without issue. Recently I bought Elite Dangerous which failed to install. I have tried troubleshooting this in a number of ways so far without success. I noticed that other apps are now not instal...

Rift S - RTX 3070 - No Video, just sound

So Ive exhausted Oculus' tech support and now their trying to issue me a refund rather than help solve the problem. Won't even replace the headset, just a refund.Curious if other people with the rtx 3070 are having this issue. Everything online says ...

v24 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Oculus LinkFixed numerous black screen issues that could prevent you from being able to use Oculus Link.Fixed an issue where the new graphics settings in the Oculus desktop app weren’t showing for some people.

Processing for Shipping

Hi Oculus I have ordered a Oculus Rift S on January 18th 2021 and it says it is scheduled to come on the 27th and that is 4 days away from the time I am writing this and I have had my card charged but the order status says Processing for Shipping so ...