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Order stuck on "opened"

I have ordered a Rift S on June 27th, after receiving the email giving me the order number, I used it to check my order status. It had listed all my details like my address, my credit card info, name and email, ect. It also said "opened". I checked o...

Sensors on rift s

No matter how many times i unplug headset and plug it back in whether that be in the same port or a different port it can never connect the sensors properly, does anybody know how to fix this?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I'm Extremely Disappointed With The Rift S

So its been about 4 weeks since i had my rift s now and i first started running into issues about day 2 when guardian would randomly reset and ask me to draw it again every few days or so but i shrugged it off as sorta no big deal then when i was put...

Sudden Oculus death

I was using my Rift CV1 perfectly maybe a month or so ago but now it just seems dead. So I try using the new setup and ... the thing first crashes telling me to reboot and restart the installer. Then, it just freezes indefinitely. I updated my Nvidia...


Will they release Full Body Tracking for both VR's for us to have a better experience?

0hQae by Level 2
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Rift s order still on opened

Bought a rift s about 5 days ago and its still "opened". Anyone have an idea on how long it will take to start shipping? If it helps I live in Australia. I've read around and apparently it should only be 2-4 days, or am I just being impatient?

mosley_ by Level 2
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Serial number mismatch

I am having trouble with my Rift S and wanting to return it to Best Buy. I noticed that the box has a different serial number than the actual headset. Is this common or my headset was a return or refurbished one? I got it new from Best Buy

My Oculus keeps crashing

i got my Oculus Rift S yesterday for my BDay and i try launching the Oculus desktop app to use it but it just keeps crashing and restarting over again,on the OVRLibraryService its just [Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] Starting up OVRLibraryService v1.16...

Resetting the safe area

Every time i replug headset into my PC oculus tells that i need to set up my safe area. I tried this on my friend's PC and it didn't require to set up safe area again after replugging.

WATEsub by Level 2
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Rift s isnt good v2

hello, I made a list of bad things about my rift s but it's gotten worse:-audio is completely broken-cant setup the guardian crashes every time-still have the connection problemsso right now in about a week ill be returning the headset seen as its de...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Mist / Fog INSIDE of the glass.

Hello GuysMy rift s has mist / fog INSIDE the lenses. This is for about over 2 months like this. Doesnt change when i play or even let it rest for about 1 or 2 weeks. always same (weird...)What can i do? any ideas?

ProjectCars 2

My rift is is not being detected in Projectcars2 i launch it in oculus vr mode and all but i cant clikc settings

FredZEB by Level 2
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i need help...

hallo a few days ago my rift s stopped wanting to cooperate with me, been seeking through the forums for solutions for my problem, but cant seem to fix it. it all startet when i was suggested to update my gpu driver, before this my game had been able...

MortZar by Level 2
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v19 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Update 7/9/2020: As part of an update to the v19 PTC software that is now available, we have included improvements to touch controller tracking for Rift / Rift S users. This should help mitigate the unexpected tracking behavior that some of you have ...

Plugin Problem...

Ok, so my brother finally received his headset today, but when we tried to set it up, I noticed that his gaming laptop doesn't have a display port nor does it have a mini port for the adapter provided with the headset. Is there anything I'd be able t...