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Oculus App Update issues

My Oculus App downloaded an update today 2/March/2021.Now it will not function.Comes up in the headset with an orange light but shows three flashing dots.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the oculus app which works perfectly until the latest update ...

heyskull by Level 2
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Oculus Rift S & WebXR

I have tried to connect my Oculus Rift S to Firefox and Chrome(Canary version) browsers but I can't see my application. The application uses the Three.js library to display 3D elements on the web and with the implementation of the WebXR library it wo...

Can't get Rift S to reinstall

I'm using Windows 11. After hearing that many are able to get Oculus running on Win 11 I wanted to give a shot. The software installed just fine. But during the setup, it couldn't recognize the headset's sensors. Looking at my device manager, I notic...

boevad by Level 2
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New Pc

Hey is a AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx able to run a rift S im curious cause i have a new one and i need to know

Resolved! Rift S Lagging and crashing my pc.

Hello, I have used my Rift S for nearly 2 years now and it worked really well throughout the years with VRChat and Roblox VR and others etc. I always dashed home to play some ROBLOX VR with my friends and I had no lag issues at all and no crashes. Ju...

3rd Party miniDP adapter?

Hello guys  I bought a second-hand Rift S and there was no miniDP adapter. 3rd Party stuff that i bought is not working. i have normal HDMI and miniDP, does any of you know an adapter which is working on that Rift S? I'm pretty desperate  Kind Rega...

Just Checking In

Monthly check in to see if Oculus has cared to fix the "USB port not connected/display port not connected" GLITCH that I have had for the 24 months I have owned this headset. Fixed yet?

ghs22 by Level 4
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Resolved! Home not Loading

It's been a while since I use my Rift, and after several installation of oculus app, home still wont work, I tried to repair it but it's not working. all apps and games does work but without home it's feels empty. got the latest RTX3080 corei9, 64GB ...

elwynl by Level 2
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Robinson the Journey won't start

"Sorry, something went wrong, please contact support." I downloaded Robinson today but it won't start, I keep getting this message. I contacted support but they don't respond... I deleted the game and reinstalled it but that didn't work. Any advice? ...

jvds85 by Level 2
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Rift S won't install oculus software

Hello! I've been trying to install or repair my oculus software for a few days now, because when I tried opening it, it would be stuck on "checking oculus status" for ages, and then tell me it won't work. Every time I try load it gives me an error an...

Quest 2 controller integration

Oculus, I know the rift s has been discontinued but could we please, please have the quest 2 controllers work with the rift s? Now that the headset has been discontinued the og touch controllers cannot be purchased anymore, so if even a single contro...

Changing start location in Home

Can't decide if I'm being dense not seeing how to do this, or if its not possible, but how do you change the position you're standing in when Oculus Home loads? I want to be staring out at the grand expanse of the universe, not looking at the wall wh...

vfrhawk by Level 4
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Traking bug

Hello question for you there is a bug since I changed my Graphic card and I don't know if someone can help me with that. There a video of it with Subtitle to show you what it is doinghttps://youtu.be/nsrUNj0MYUg