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No hands.

I have started getting no hands when in oculus home, at the arch. Any one else had 'no hands' ? Not even controllers, just laser beams. It still works and does not affect games - just there are no hands at the arch or in your 'O' Home !.

Umpa_PC by Level 8
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USB 3.0 card issue

I've bought aninateck KT4001 PCI-e to USB 3.0 4(4 port) PCI express card with power connectionEverything else works on it, but I can't get Rift S to connect to it. I'm hopping moving things to it frees up the onboard USB to work better, but I can fin...

Can i use my webcam as a sensor

so i only have 2 sensors in two opposite corners so i can have 360 tracking but its not the best and i was wandering if there's a software or whatever that can turn my webcam into a sensor? thank you for your time and hope to hear from u soon!

Anyone else's Rift S just falling apart?

I haven't had my S that long and I don't play it that often. But everything on the headset is falling apart. The velcro strap on the top doesn't stick anymore... at all. The foam padding has come unglued all over to the point where I'm about to just ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Broken controller ring.

So recently I got a rift-s from best buy and have enjoyed it very much. Titles like beat saber and vrchat have been some of my favorites so far and all together a very good experience. Just today however I noticed that the controller "ring" at the to...

Crash with PORTCLS.SYS windows error

Hello guys,something really strange happens today, every time i run oculus app windows crashes with portcls.sys error...i read around that is driver related, so i opened app without usb plugged and app works..once i plug in back pc crashes....i alway...

Sudden mic stop

Hello,I have the Rift S and two days ago the mic was working just fine. No dropping, no accidental tugs on the wire, none of that. but, yesterday, I got nothing nor did anyone else. it is just like the mic just quit all of the sudden. I have not mish...

Runeru by Level 2
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Graphics Wavy When Navigating

I work for an AEC firm and am using my HMD for presentations and project coordination. In preparation for an upcoming presentation, I revisited a 3D model I created with various Autodesk products. Last time I viewed this model in my headset (roughly ...

Problem installing BeatSaber for Rift

Heyo!Im having difficulty installing BeatSaber after having setup the Oculus Rift.Have tried pausing the installation, abort it and restart it, restart the Oculus-app. I have enough space on both harddrives, both the primary and secondary. Have tried...

warped looking display while playing

hello everyone while ive been playing recently ive noticed my display has become kinda warped looking while turning in vr and im not sure if it has to do with my radeon settings not working and when i open them they just close so i cant update althou...

I want to expand my Oculus world, please help

I have an Oculus setup with one headset. It works well and I want to expand it with asecond headset and need to understand what I will need. Currently I have a 2019 Flagship HP Pavilion 460 DesktopComputer High Performance, Intel Quad-Core i7-7700T u...

Oculus Rift S Orange light turns on during use.

Everytime I use the headset about 30 to 45 minutes of playing the orange light comes on and the headset screen freezes, also it says my Displayport can't be found. I have to close the game I am playing and click the beta Restart Oculus in settings in...

0Chrisc by Level 4
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how long do orders "stay opened"

Hello! I finally bought my rift S I think saturday and My order status says opened. I do not know what that means but how long do "opened" orders stay like that? my estimated delivery was june 17 but idk if the time decreased.