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Resolved! Three dots run endlessly (Dash doesn't load)

This problem has been with me for 3 weeks, I bought a helmet, played for two weeks the next day I have this problem. It appeared after downloading the 26th update. Who faced this problem, you can write a solution.I immediately say that I tried all th...

Oculus Rifts installer error

Oculus Rift s의 설치 소프트웨어를 다운로드 한 후 계정에 연결하고 프로필을 설정 한 후 다음을 클릭하면 검은 색 창이 나타나고 반응이없고 꺼지지 않습니다. 방법을 알려주세요

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v25 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Oculus LinkYou can now set your refresh rate to 80hz and 90hz when using Link with a USB-2 cable. Keep in mind, that even with some of the newest and most powerful GPUs, maxing out values for the render resolution slider with a 90 Hz refresh rate may...


I've plugged in the display plug, but it's saying I need to connect it to the dedicated graphics card, but the pc has a graphics card, I'm a little confused, any help would be appreciated, thanks

Pc Hardware

Ich bekomme immer ständig den Hinweis im Oculus Menü, dass mein PC die Mindes Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllt.Meine PC: AMD Ryzen 5 5600 XRAM 32 GB 3200MHZ AMD Radeon 6700 XTIch frage mich , warum ich ständig diese Meldung bekomme.

Rift S and Streaming With OBS Audio Problems

Hi all, I've recently started streaming some gameplay from my Rift S to Twitch by way of Stream elements/OBS.Live. Everything works for the most part (overlays, video works fine, audio is mostly good) but every minute or two my audio from the headset...

BoxVr Purchase

Is anyone else having problems Purchasing BoxVR via the Oculus Store for Rift. I keep getting a message that FitXr- Box and Dance is required but thats on the Oculus Quest. Now I'd purchase the Quest version if I also receive the Rift Version. Is any...

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SteamVr laggy

hey so I have had my vr headset for 3 months now and it has been great but recently my SteamVr has been really laggy to where I cant even play it. and when it does not lag if I press the menu button on my controller it all goes downhill and starts to...


Is there anywhere I can buy a set of controllers for the rift s? I can only find left controllers on eBay and Amazon .

Oculus software not downloading. please help

I have tried to contact oculus support and they have been absolutely no help. I uninstalled the oculus app once before and went to redownload it and it will not download past 138MB/5.17GB. I have disabled anti-virus but nothing changes. any help woul...

Oculus Home Textures Missing?

Hello, for the past couple months my Oculus software had a pending update that would not download despite me having more than sufficient enough space on my drive. After repairing the software with the built in repair tool my Oculus home as well as an...

OculusScreenshot1615509379.jpeg OculusScreenshot1615509396.jpeg

Wireless Headphones for Rift S

Hello,I'm looking for wirless over ear headphones with mic, which fit over the headstraps of the Rift S.The corsair Hs70 pro Wirless is an example but I don't know if this one will fit over the Halo band.Does anyone know any good options which will f...

Blurry vision?

Hey guys!I've been looking for answers for a long time but couldn't find anything really helpful. So I bought my Oculus Rift S brand new during the pandemic and I didn't use it a lot because of some issues I always have, I have a very blurry vision w...

sensor cant track headset

so my rift s work fine the last 2 years now i plug it up i get this i unplug and moved all my usb i uninstalled it and reinstalled it i updated windows and my graphic card i sometimes see dots if i skip the sensor check or the light is white the remo...


Sensor not tracking issue on Rift S

I first tried connecting my Rift S to my other gaming machine which connected flawlessly. At that point I knew it was not the hardware that was an issue but software.I then tried uninstalling the Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 Micr...

Rist s tracking problems

so everything was working fine till the other day when i went to open and play boneworks. everything was going smooth till my controllers lost tracking and stayed in one spot, only being able to rotate in one position. ive tried taking out the batter...

Oculus Rift CV1 HDMI is Not Connected

Hey everyone,I could use some assistance with my CV1. So just today it started having this issue where the app will constantly go back and forth between showing that the HDMI is connected and showing that it is disconnected. During this, my screen wi...

Oculus Rift CV1 cable

Does anyone know where I could get a spare headset cable as I only have one left. I still have a 2-year warranty on it as well and Oculus are unable to supply or let me buy one. Many thanks

Laptop compatibility/HDMI-Adapter support

Wouldn't it be nice if the Oculus Rift S simply had an HDMI cable instead of this wierd Display port? Or would at the very least support HDMI adapters? I think that would make the headset actually usable for half the potential userbase! I don't get h...

Nonkito by Level 3
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é possível usar o controle do oculus quest 2 no rift s? is it possible to use the oculus quest 2 control on the rift s?

Display port

Hi, we have bought a rift s but our gaming laptop doesn't have a display port or mini display port. Is there anything we can do? Thanks 

Oculus Rift S warranty

Hi all. Dear Oculus team tell me about warranty my Rift S. I buy it in past week and i'm really worried about my cable and how long it's will be working. If i bought my Rift S in February 2021 how long will the guarantee last for my cable and if it b...

PsuchO by Level 2
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