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Display Port not Responding

I have already gone through tech support with NVidia to try and resolve this problem thinking it was my graphics card. I have a NVdia 1050 ti (min spec). My system meets all other specifications including the min spec for the graphics card but it is ...

Oculus Rift s stuttering

I've been having this problem for a while. I thought I could live with it but I guess not. The problem is that whenever I move my head the screen stutters. It doesn't matter which direction.I had bought a cable from amazon, female usb 3.1 to usb-c. B...

Cv1 broken cable, oculus doesn't help.

Hi, i've had a cv1 for a while now and within that time it's bearly worked because of the cable being broken. The issue with cv1's is the cable is too fragile breaking after only a month of use. ( had 2 cables between the time i had it) I cant find a...

My Install DL stops. Why?

I am trying to install Oculus on the PC it meets and Exceeds all requirements including space I have checked to make sure i dont have internet problems but when I am installing the software it just stops and wont start again.

Merging accounts

I'm having problems after merging my oculus account to Facebook when I did it my oculus home cant verify my account.I have uninstalled all software and reinstalled but when in the home with my rift s it just doesn't work my games work though but not ...

Oculus Rift S on sale for us$299!

For those who do not know, the Rift S is currently on sale for us$299. Same price as a barebones 64Gb Quest 2. I ordered one from Amazon a couple of days ago and it arrived late today (pretty fast delivery). I bought it because I think it will perfor...

Rift S audiostrap GT air

Finally here it is: Rift S audiostrap GT air.And the name says it:GT (Grand Tourismo) for long VR Sessions- New facial interface for better fitting- Ventilation slots for a cooler face- Better image quality with fewer distortions- Hygienic leather pa...

Right Touch controller's rumble not working.

Or, it does sometimes, but it's really inconsistent. It makes playing games like Beat Saber a pain when only one controller's rumble works. My guess that it might be an internal issue in the hardware, I tried fiddling with the battery but it didn't s...

[Rift S] USB 3.0 Expansion Card Support

Hello,What expansion cards are supported? After a support session, they recommended Inateck PCI-E USB 3.0 expansion card. However, are there any other known brands? Does anyone know if these brands work:- Vantec- Syba- Visiontek- SIIG- Bytecc- IOCres...

Tankuu by Level 2
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Custom music in Oculus home app

Hello.Has any one cracked the system already and know if (or how) we can add our own music to Oculus Home so it plays in the background? I'm not saying that the default music is bad it's just that it would be nice to listen to something else from tim...

Rudalpl by Level 4
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Rift S Black spots in display

I have had my RIft S since the day of release (pre-ordered thru Amazon) and its been fantastic. I put it on today and I had 2 black spots in the view I can only describe as "cigarette burn holes" (like shown at the cinema to change rolls) and 2 white...

Oculus Quest (1) Screen Flickering

Hi, after factory reset and automatic update on my Quest 1 The screen stops at "Update Complete" "Continue" screen but is flashing on and off. According to my app, the Oculus and controllers are connected and with 100% power but the headset is stuck ...

Rift S no longer working (displayport)

I was using my headset for a good hour, but then the screen turned off, I then saw beat saber had crashed during a song and the Rift s disconnected, and now it wont come backAll im getting now is "no displayport connection" and running the log all I ...

Warmo by Level 3
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Oculus rift s headband never coming

I ordered a rift s headband replacement, which has been "Processing for shipping" for almost a month now and I do not know what to do, also my friend ordered a rift s which said it had delivered, but never actually came I am scared that both our pack...

My right controller is mapped wrong

Hello, this started to happen few weeks ago. A lot of games use the right joystick to rotate (moving the joystick left and right) but I rotate when I move it up and down. Also the stuff that should be mapped on joystick up and down is mapped on left ...

Tutek02 by Level 2
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Vader immortal III will not load

We have a rift and everything works except for Vader Immortal III will not load I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but the same things happens. My grandson really like playing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Rift not working properly with new PC

Hello everyone! Just got a new PC with an RTX 3070 and Ryzen 7 3800x. Since I got this PC my Rift CV1 has gradually become worse and worse. The audio has started stuttering. Then later the tracking started freezing. And now it's at the point of being...