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Geforce GTX 970 Asus Strix

Hi. I bought an Oculus Rift S and im wondering if i can connect it to my display port( its a big one) and my monitor to my HDMI? Or more how can i connect my oculus rift s to my video card Geforce GTX 970 Asus Strix.Thanks!

Oculus Rift S wont say its plugged in

I have it all plugged in, i was playing with it for a day then all of a sudden the screen turns black and it just stops working. I got it to work (kinda) then all it says now is this.I want to play beat saber and i just got this yesterday and dont wa...

KaiErai by Level 2
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My fix for Rift S Displayport

Round and round support and computer tweaks. Even bought a new cable. Worked for a day, but then failed.Bought a AmazonBasics powered USB 3.1 Hub. Connects to the USB C on the Computer. Worked perfectly. Turned the computer off and rebooted. Had a fe...

Oculus button error

Every time I try and use the oculus button on my controller, it won't work. I can't access when I am in the game or when I need to quickly exist out of the oculus menu. Please help/

Problems with rift s

Right, to start off with sometimes my rift says it isn't connected, I fix it by resetting my computer, but it just gets annoying so I was wondering if there are any other solutions to that. And another problem is that if I were to play a third-party ...

USB not connecting properly

im using and alienware aurora and my rift s says its not connected to a USB 3 port and ive tried every single USB port on my computer[solved] idk why but it started working after i kept plugging it in over and over

having problems with my usb 3.0 port

whenever i first start the oculus app and plug in my headset and get it set up, within a few minutes it just turns off and doesn't detect my headset anymore. then when i check my device manager the "VIA USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Micro...

leklick by Level 2
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Computer reboots when Rift S goes to sleep

I'm having a very strange behavior with my Rift S. If I take my Rift S off, and set it down for more than 20-30 seconds the whole computer reboots.If I keep it on my head, it works fine with no reboots. Only when I leave it idle after using it.Has an...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift with Wider FoV ?

So I got a Rift S, Works great, Aesthetics look a little cheap I won't lie, 2 things that would be great in a full on Rift CV2 after also having tried the Index, Wider FoV and actual built in headphones.

Which one works best sat at a desk???

Hi all I can not stand for more then a few minutes at a time and the more I stand the less time I can goes down, what I need to know is which make and model of VR unit would work best for me while sat down at my pc. It will get used stud up when the ...

How to rotate play area given by Oculus?

I've set up my guardian today, and the play area is inside and rotated in my guardian? I pointed my controller at the wall my sensors are mounted (pointed straight on, not at an angle) and stood in the center. The red line is my monitor. All of my ga...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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