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Resolved! Rift-S Bricked by V.26

I purchased the Rift-S from Best Buy in Dec 2020. The unit stopped working within 3 months due to the software release v.26 I went through the support process. I have been sent a cable and 2 replacement headsets. None fixed the problems. I have tried...

Account issues and facebook problems

Hi, this is from a whole new account because my other account recently ran into an issue where the social tabs won't load and I can't join friends and if i try to invite my friends it asks me to connect a facebook account. But, I already have one con...

Oculus Black screen Rift S

I have a black screen on my Oculus Rift S during the setup step where you are told to put on the headset to continue the setup process. I have tried to reinstall Oculus. plugged all the cables out and back in and restarted my computer. I have had no ...

Oculus Mirror and Windows Game Bar... how?

TLDR: Can I force Windows Xbox Game bar to record from Oculus Mirror instead of the actual game window? Hey all.. I play a lot of games and record the output using the Oculus Mirror and OBS but on occasion I forget to record and then miss some awesom...

USB 3.0 "Connection Required"

So yesterday I was playing fine with the VR the next day I come up with this problem. "USB 3 Connection Required" It's like the oculus app doesn't even recognize my usb 3.0 being plugged in my desktop and I made sure it's in a 3.0 port. I've plugged ...

So Rift is no more?

No more support, no games, nothing but a redirect? I have an original, a Rift S and a Quest 2. The Rift S is the only one not sitting in a closet. I payed a lot of money just a couple of years ago for it and now as far as any new development or games...

Resolved! Why do I have to re purchase my games?

I recently switched from quest 2 to the rift s and I connected my account to the rift s and I was able to download a few of my games back but I have games on my quest 2 that I cant download on the rift s and I'm confused and dont want to buy back all...

H3nta1 by Level 2
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Rift-S "BRICKED" ...

I have been going rounds with Oculus since the release of V.26.My Rift-S stopped functioning on my I7 and all I would get is the 3 dots.My first gen I7 was missing some new code for VR or something techy like that.I purchased an I9 in Dec and the hea...

Rift S setup

Hello ! So I bought a rift S headset from a friend of mine.It's supposed to be working properly without any issues besides some drift on the left controller But when I go to set it up on the stage of the tracker setup it can either load for 2 min or ...

Discord problem with Oculus Rift S

Hello, I've had my headset for quite a while now and what is currently happening is very weird.I've change my PC not so long ago for something more suited for VR games and it's perfect ... but ... right now I got several problem concerning my headset...

rift s volume very low

I've tried everything I can think of and the volume on my rift s is very low with the built in speakers. I have the latest oculus software version and all my games are updated. Anyone ever figure out why most headsets sound very low but others sound ...

skeemin by Level 3
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Horrible Resolution on the Oculus Rift S

To start off, yes, I am aware that a vr headset will never be the same quality as your monitor, although I am experiencing some issues. The graphics themselves look fine, but the resolution is horrible. I have a 20 dollar vr headset similar to the go...

Erlxnd by Level 2
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My Rift S stopped working

I´ve recently played a game on my Rift S and bcause I had to do something else I paused the game and layed my headset down for a while after coming back into my room and putting my headset on it started to lag until it crashed. After that initial cra...

The4ges by Level 2
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